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Author Topic: Character thread [Fight for the Skies*]  (Read 7560 times)
Snr. Officer
United States United States

Captain of the air-ship Orfiel.

« Reply #25 on: May 21, 2008, 04:41:38 am »

Question: have we got a thread for the RP?

not yet.. i've been meaning to make a new thread but keep getting sidetracked...
i'm not busy now.. watch me make one!
Captain McCannon
Snr. Officer
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Trigger-happy Captain of the HMS Ziggurat

« Reply #26 on: May 21, 2008, 04:46:44 am »

Question: have we got a thread for the RP?

not yet.. i've been meaning to make a new thread but keep getting sidetracked...
i'm not busy now.. watch me make one!

woooo! *waits in anticipation*

"I'm a horrible Captain, why do you think they shoved me on the S.S. Failboat here?"
Adelaide Braun
Deck Hand
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Official Navigator of the HMS Ziggurat

« Reply #27 on: May 28, 2008, 04:16:51 am »

Name : Adelaide Braun

Age : 24

Nationality (place of birth) : Cincinnati, Ohio in the U.S.A.

Physical appearance : Adelaide is 5'10" exactly; as a result she is especially graceless and klutzy which makes for interesting science experiments.  She is rather pretty in a librarian sort of way, with eyes of an indeterminable color and blond hair in a permanent state of disrepair due to the constant application of a pith helmet.  She can normally be found wearing a khaki skirt, vest, and boots, with a white shirt.  She carries a knapsack full of navigational and botanical tools and a pistol for emergencies.

Biography :

Adelaide was born in Cincinnati, Ohio to Sabela Mackinzey-Donovan and Elias Braun.  When she was six, Adelaide's parents died in an autogyro accident, leaving her to be raised by her uncle, her non compos mentis grandfather, and a half-witted Irish setter named Sir Amalric.  Adelaide's grandfather, Gebhard Braun, was a world famous mad scientist until one of his experiments backfired.  He sustained extensive head trauma and now believes himself to be King of the Frost Elves.  Adelaide's uncle, Edward Braun, was once an accountant who built autogyros in his spare-time.  He is now an ex-accountant who builds autogyros all of the time.

Adelaide was home-schooled, resulting in an extensive if somewhat inaccurate education in geography and science.  At the age of twelve she became interested in botany and began spending all of her time in the woods outside of the city where she befriended local hermits, trappers, and moonshiners.  Eventually, her inaccurate education in geography caused her to become quite lost.  She soon found herself caught in bar-fight in San Francisco, where she met Captain Iphigenia McCannon.  While strategically retreating Captain McCannon mentioned that she was in the market for a crew and Adelaide jumped at the chance to go somewhere bereft of heavily armed and angry people throwing glass bottles at one other.  She has been the HMS Ziggurat's Navigator ever since.

Personality : Adelaide is the kind of person that can make crotchety old geezers smile and heal puppies with her thoughts.  Despite the fact that she spends most of her time literally lost in the woods, Adelaide is quite intelligent.  She does, however, have a paralyzing fear of breakfast muffins. 

Allegiance : For the moment, Adelaide's loyalty lies with the crew of the HMS Ziggurat.

Ship/Crew : The HMS Ziggurat, captained by Iphigenia McCannon and her First Mate, the Brigadier Spenser Hawkes-Leggett.
Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Republic of

Blades, fists, guns, bow if its a weapon il use it

« Reply #28 on: June 05, 2008, 01:09:14 pm »

Name: Chiaves Bellono
Age: 29
Nationality: Italian
Allegiance: Pirates and tearing down the Empire
Appearence: Tall, standing 6 foot 1 nearly 2, Large shoulders, Powerful build, not a man to be taken lightly, eyes that speek of untold horrors and years of war, A tightly trimmed neat mustache and goaty

Garb: Wears a custom full length black leather Trench coat with a great number of suprises contained within it, Favours expensive white shirts, and quality black combat trousers alowing full movement, also a fan of large combat boots

Personality: Hot headed, quick to angry, often brash and foolhardy, No real purpouse in life other then the destruction of the Empire that destroyed his past, Vengful

Biography: Chiaves was the son and heir to a Northern Italian family that can trase its ancestery to the 1200's. He was raised hearing stories of his ancestors bravoury and fighting prowess throughout the ages. Though a noble Chiaves Bellono found it very hard to mearly sit by while servents did the work, he would often be seen striped to the waist working the fields along side his family servents. This ment he was not popular with others of noble blood but tremedously popular with the ordinary people who regarded this rich humour and boistrusness as a source of joy while they worked. He also developed a keen interest with weapons, he loved to talk to the weapons dealers that would make their way through his family estate on their way to Rome from Austrian and Germany. Through this past time he developed a love of German manufactured pistols. Upon reaching the age of 18 like all other Italian males he was conscripted, he joined willingly feeling proud to serve his country. He was offered a commission due to his noble birth but Chiaves declined prefering the company of ordinary working men. However his marksmenship, large build, incredable unarmed fighting ability and his excellent use of a sword saw his promotion to sargent in the Aplini Parachute Regiment. This led him to be attached to the 3rd Italian Air Fleet as second in command of a boarding platoon. On his 21st birthday his family sent him a very special present "Emilia" the blade which was gifted to his ancestor by the king of the Pedmontess area of northin Italy It was a blade made by the finest Swordsmith in the southern alps.
However public relations between the Italian nation and the ever expanding British empire began to deminish. At the tender age of 22 Bellono was envolved in a war with the new British Air Fleets. Ground was lost and his families lands fell under imperial hands while his Regiment the 3rd Italian Air withdrew. Bellono nearly jumped over the side in full combat gear as he saw his sisters abused and his father and mother executed. It took 6 of the biggest men in his section hold him back. Two of them suffered broken arms for their trouble to stop the mad Sargent from his vengense. Following the battle for Rome teh 3rd Italian Air was utterly destroyed in a pitched battle however Chiaves Bellono escaped in a small lifeair-boat with 4 other members of his squad. A storm covered their escape however by the time their cleared the storm clouds the semi-consious Sargent Bellono was the only man left alive in the boat. Gradually working his way across Europe as a mercinary he found himself in a quiet pub in Dublin city, Ireland. All that kept Bellono from suicide was the thought of sweet revenge on the empire, he would see it fall or die trying. In this bar a small fight broke out between an off duty imperial soldier and a large Irish man known to all in the pub as "Mac" a slim powerful figure wearing a dark hat also aided the Irishman as more joined the fray. Chiaves never being one to simply watch a good fight charged into the brawl scatering all and he began his bloody frenzie of combat. It turned out that the figure in the hat was Burnside the famous pirate and Mac was to be his engineer. Bellono was also impressed by how they had handled themself and offered to join their crew on the condition that he be aloud to take his revenge on all who serve the cursed British Crown that destoried his families lands, titles, and name
« Last Edit: June 05, 2008, 02:09:19 pm by Bellono » Logged

"they use a gang you use a knife, they use a knife you use a bat, they use a bat you use a gun, they use a gun you use some artillery!" Sargent Chiaves Bellono, 3rd Italian Air fleet addressing raw recruits to the Alpini Para regiment
Zeppelin Captain
Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Republic of

« Reply #29 on: June 05, 2008, 02:21:32 pm »

Name: Shreds or Patches, will answer to both.
Age: 21
Nationality: Irish

Appearance: Short and slim, with brown hair. Shreds keeps her hair in several thick, suspiciously stiff braids, looped up and fastened with a big black ribbon at the nape of her neck. She tends to wear men's clothes, cut down and taken in to fit her. Grey pants, a worn out white shirt. However, the brown leather bodice she wears over the shirt is hers.


Shreds is not her real name, nor is Patches. Gráinne McKeagney was born to a tailor and his wife. Sadly,her mother died in childbirth, and her father remarried, this time to a dressmaker. So it came as little surprise when Gráinne displayed a talent for the craft. When Gráinne was eleven, her father died of a heart attack, and to the horror of her stepmother and herself, left some huge debts to pay. Gráinne was apprenticed to a prestigious dressmaker's shop in Dublin, and for the next ten years spent her days making dresses and suits for the rich, spoiled upper class.

Gráinne is a quiet girl, and tends towards the formal, polite tone she was obliged to use at work. She was taught by a workmate how to use her tools to defend herself, and shown all the ways that a woman can arm herself and escape notice.

During this time, the rumours of piracy's resurgence in the skies fired her stifled imagination, and Gráinne spent many hours dreaming of leaving her dull existence. As she did so, she began more and more to notice the inequalities in the world around her. She made fripperies for people that had never known a day's work in their lives, and was treated abominably for her troubles.

The last straw came when she was screamed at like an idiot for sewing a button on in the wrong place on a lieutenant's shirt. Grainne bit her lip, finished that day at work, packed her equipment into a Gladstone bag. She took a pink cloak she had just finished, using it to conceal the practical, but scandalous trousers and shirt she had set aside for herself.

Then she walked to the Dublin docks, ready to board the first ship that would hire her services as a seamstress. As it happened, the first man she met was a slim, dashing character with a red patch in his black hair. Having introduced himself as Captain Haephaestus Burnside, he listened to Gráinne's credentials, and hired her without a second thought.

She had no sooner stepped on board the Reckless Abandon than a big angry Irishman was screaming at her to man the guns... discarding the name Gráinne, Shreds hopped to it. This was going to be more interesting than she'd expected...


Havoc for Hire!


Mending is better than ending, no matter what Aldous Huxley might think Wink
Arcturon the hobo
Zeppelin Captain
Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Republic of

I am my own man. You, sir, are the queen's bitch

« Reply #30 on: June 05, 2008, 11:25:23 pm »

Name: Stiofain "Mac" McChoillean

Appearance: Shaggy and weatherworn and is often mistaken for an orc he wears a trilby with a bright light fitted to the front and a long trenchcoat that houses an insane array of tools in the lining. in battle he carries a homemade flamethrower that resembles a flintlock pistol and a sword the flat of which is lined with a flame proof fabric that he keeps saturated in oil, when he forces the copper wires laced into the fabric to short circuit the heat and spark ignite the oil making his sword burst into flames.

Age: 57

Mac was born in a barn near Co Dublin, he was raised in the neighbouring wool loom and was made to repair the looms and dangerous machinery from a young age as he was the only one who could fit beneath them. However he developed an insane talent for this and not only repaired the machines but also made improvements to them on a regular basis, increasing their productivity in leaps and bounds. His talents were obvious and he was employed to design and build bigger and better machines.
Becoming something of a daVinci figure Mac began taking commissions from wealthy patrons around the world, desigining and building airships, tanks, clockwork toys and musicians. He could build anything and would build anything. However he often lost focus, getting distracted by more interesting or challenging projects.
When he walked out on building a colossal steam powered war throne for the Queen in order to pursue the building of handheld automated game of chess she had his family killed. Mac spiralled into depression and began drinking while on the run until bumping into Hephastus Burnside. After joining with Burnside he joined him on his ship the Reckless Abandon which he not so much improved as completely rebuilt.

Edit: Just giving him a more appropriate age ladies and gents. This shall not be changed again.
« Last Edit: June 28, 2008, 12:06:02 am by Arcturon the hobo » Logged

Nae king, nae quin, nae laird, nae master! We won't be fooled agin!

I do not suffer fools, fools suffer ME!

"If she be the daughter of fifty kings" Said Father Fitzgibbon "I tell you, you can't marry her, she being a fish."
« Reply #31 on: June 09, 2008, 09:33:03 am »

Allegiance/part: HMS Ziggurat crew member/ Failed Gambler and con-artist turned Engineer.

Physical description: Standing 5"8, Nathaniel is a pale skinned wiry man in his mid-twenties with a thin face, a perpetual smirk, oiled black hair and a neatly trimmed goatee. Nathaniel's gray-green eyes seem to be perpetually darting around the room looking for something that he can 'accidentally take'. A dandy at heart, when not working in the engine room Nathaniel can normally be found wearing a scarlet frock coat festooned with pockets over a black and white check waistcoat and a dress shirt. Since sidling his way into the position of engineer Nathaniel has acquired a set of tinted goggles and an encyclopedic tool-belt that he's rarely seen without.

Personality: Nathaniel is a light hearted soul a cheerful, outgoing liar, he'll happily share a drink with a stranger, spin an elaborate tale and then leave with their wallet. Larcenous without being malicious, happy to swipe the odd geegaw thats left alone in the room with him, Nathaniel lacks both the motivation and the soul for large time thievery.

 His time in Australia has left him with a fatalistic mindset and he's happy to leave off anything today that he could do tomorrow (because he might be dead by then and thusly avoid getting out of doing it). The only area in which his natural lethargy fails him is in the engine room, Nathaniel gets quite pedantic about the machinery under his care and gets defensive about the idea of other engineers touching his work.

Your general backstory:
Nathaniel grew up in a lower middle class family in London with a background in clockwork and mechanics. Nathaniel was apprenticed to a mechanist at a young age and quickly showed to have a natural talent with machinery. Unfortunately his other hobbies drew the attention of the law and Nathaniel found himself on a prison ship making its way to Australia.

Nathaniel spend a total of three years in a prison gang repairing mining equipment before managing to escape from the penal colony via a complicated chain of events involving a poker game, several minor acts of blackmail, the wardens middle aged wife, a stolen guards uniform, some forged documents and a tale of woe involving a hungry air kraken. A few short months later Nathaniel was back on the streets of London with a fresh name and a new suit, from then on he made a living drifting around from scheme to scheme. Changing his identity whenever it drew too much official attention and falling back on jobbing engineering positions when a plan fell through.

This continued for several years before he won the position of ships engineer aboard the Ziggurat from a man in the pub. A quick haircut and a identity change later, Nathaniel showed up for work fresh faced, eager and planning on disconnecting the engine and paying some mates to carry it off as soon as humanely possible. Much to Nathaniel's surprise however he found that he quite liked his position and decided to stay on in a permanent capacity, resolving to restrict his more shady activities to those ports that the Ziggurat happens to be stopping over in.

Ship: Engineer to the Ziggeraut under Captain Iphegenia McCannon, First Mate Hawkes-Leggit and Navigator Adelaide Braun.
« Reply #32 on: June 27, 2008, 11:18:40 pm »

Name: Caroline O'Rahilly
Nationality: Irish

Served as navigator aboard the pirate airship "Ross Revenge" for many years, until mechanical failure combined with severe storms brought it down. While the crew survived, what was left of the Revenge was impounded by an opportunistic imperial raid.

Escaping with their hides and little else, the crew disbanded, some taking up more respectable, or at least legal employment, some taking up with other pirates. Caroline made her way to Krakenfell and passed the next few weeks extracted a living for herself from the drunks of Krakenfell using loaded dice, a stacked deck and a little sleight of hand. 

“You don’t have to stay sober; you just have to stay a little less drunk than the other guy”

Arcturon the hobo
Zeppelin Captain
Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Republic of

I am my own man. You, sir, are the queen's bitch

« Reply #33 on: June 27, 2008, 11:26:03 pm »

Nice character. She's in. Start posting with her in the game thread and we'll see how she goes.
Stella Gaslight
Time Traveler
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Looking for a few good lobsters.

« Reply #34 on: June 30, 2008, 12:10:06 am »

I figure I best post Sarah info here
Sarah Caplen
General description
Late 20's Around 5'5 with long dirty blond hair kept in a simple twist at the nape of the neck and held in place with a bit of twisted metal. It is the only part of the Blackbird that survived first fleet attack.   Is wearing a plain but well made brown dress with a black armband(with a silver zeppelin patch) as the only visible sign of her mourning and well taken care of boots.  Keen blue eyes and a fresh looking scar running from her right temple to just above her left eyebrow.

Child of pirates grew up in the air but settled in Krakenfell when her father started to loose his eyesight.  Worked for years to own the Blackbird.  Many of her crew where children she grew up with and some that had worked with her father. Her brother became her first mate.  When the first fleet massed the Blackbird was one of the first to fight being crewed mainly by young hot blooded pirates.  They took damage from shells that knocked Sara out at the wheel.  She woke in the life glider just in time to see her brother lead the Blackbird in a suicidal charge against the first fleet.  Nothing was left .  Numb and angry she made it back to Krakenfell hoping to find a ship that would take her so she could make the strike her brother and friends died trying to make.

Has some engineering experience and has done most of the jobs that need doing on an airship but chemistry is where she really shines.  Makes fuel boosters and lots of other thing that might be handy.

I have a picture blog thinger now

Look for me on Etsy
« Reply #35 on: July 01, 2008, 05:32:54 pm »

Name: Desires to be called Alex
Gender: Female
Allegiance: Pirates
Nationality: Among one of the topics she is not much willing to speak on.
Clocking in at a short 5'2, Alex comes off as shabby and underfed, but is considerably healthy. A shipwright she befriended under her fathers crew taught her plenty about unconventional projectile weapontry.
 Infact, since she became later obsessive about it, you could find her outfits crafted around the trade. Her hair was short and black. Often times, it gets her mistaken for a boy, however, it is probably because her prejudice against female pirates.

As a pirate whom questions the morality of pirating, she focuses a lot of her sailing time on crafting unconventional projectile weapontry, and selling them to fellow pirates.

As a young girl, Alex was brought up on her fathers ship where she spent her spare time reading and took a large interest in music. As a well respected pirate, he generally discouraged the persuit of her studies in the fields of becoming a writer, and perfered her to take a course similar to his own. Her fathers crew was split in the idea of favoring their captain. Rumors of unfairly distributing plunder was spread, and the idea that the captain was among a secretive group of pirates whom harvested resources from their crews were well-known. Even his only daughter was catching wind of these rumors. She was discouraged. Anyways, what kind of life is there for a female pirate in this day and age.   

Finally, when the Captain was meeting with several unidentifiables, the crew's superstitions got the best of them. The crew became split, and the extermination of her father was to undergo. Shamefully, the captain fled along with these men, leaving the outraged crew with only his daughter to vent on. Naturally, she ran off to the port, and found herself hiding among various exports and goods to be shipped late the next morning. It was from that day, that she inherited her alias 'Alex', and decided to take up the life of pirating. She got her first ship sneaking into a schooner late one night, and poisoning the crew. From there, she vowed to never stoop to such a level again. She was partial to the name Spencer, when naming her ship.
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