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Author Topic: The Artifice Ship.  (Read 809 times)
Snr. Officer

« on: February 20, 2008, 01:58:41 am »

The artifice ship floated, gleaming, all gilt and brass as it orbited the world below. Her struts extended radially from the hull, and her sails billowed under the aethereal wind. Mahogany decks buzzed with activity, as her crew tacked against a wind they could not feel. Glass barriers warded the surface against the rigours of space. Beneath the deck, to the fore, glass domed outward protecting a room empty save a single chair.

Felwin sat in this chair, staring out into the abyss. The room was small, large enough for the chair - which seemed more a mass of wires and leather straps - and himself. The walls, decorated in tasteful plaster and wainscotting, were unadorned save a silver plate declaring the name of the vessel - Cara Sinyat - and a brass speaking tube. A single door, made of simple wood on stout hinges, hung behind the chair and served as the only entrance to the room. For the purposes of our illustrious reader we shall henceforth refer to this room as the bridge, although it is not apparent as such, what with the apparent lack of condien or other method of control, but it should suffice for our purposes.

Felwin was a small man, gaunt instead of thin, his face wholly out of proportion to itself and his body, especially his very prominent nose. He wore an oil-stained vest and shirt-sleeves, his short-coat thrown haphazardly over the arm of the chair - although it is sheer hubris on the part of this humble author that it be called a coat, it being more air than thread and in all honesty more patch than original. Felwin's groom would be apoplectic when he saw the dismal state of the clothing and person. Topping off, quite literally I'm afraid, Felwin's non-gentile ensemble was a shock of hair standing out at all angles from his head, although this was tamed - somewhat - by a narrow leather strap circumscribing his forehead.

From this leather strap wires stretched into the rats nest behind the chair, and then ran into a thick bundle about the size of a small man's forearm. This bundle, buckled down with narrow belts, ran through the door propping it open. Carbon ingots roughly approximating Sovereign coins were concealed by this leather strap, pressed tightly against his skull. From the doorway came a muted murmur, nearly inaudible above the hiss and crackle of the electric wires. The murmur repeated, and Felwin started.
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