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Author Topic: TEA HOLSTER PATTERN REVIEW--Steamtorium  (Read 1078 times)

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« on: May 23, 2017, 01:03:31 am »

note: is the pattern I am reviewing

Recently, at conventions and on the internet, a trend of the most steampunk kind has been on the rise:

The Tea Holster

Not one to miss the bandwagon, I have been itching to get one myself. By sheer luck, mixed with the patterning talent at Steamtorium, the chance to craft one for myself arose.

(A brief interlude for those who are unfamiliar with tea holsters.

Take a gun holster, study it, then make it as sarcastic as possible, add a little bit of whimsy, and there you have it. These holsters rose as both a response to and collaboration with gun holster fans in the steampunk community.)

This pattern in particular, the Teacup Holster Carrier Pattern, does require some special tools the average crafter may not have, mainly the Dritz Mini Anorak Snaps with tools. Otherwise, the supplies are rather easy to navigate.

The holster holds one small spoon, one saucer, one tea cup, a few bags of tea and all my hopes and dreams. It’s held on by belt loops, a part of the pattern that is pretty self-explanatory on how to adjust if you plan to use a particularly wide belt; otherwise, I suggest a small or average belt with minimal decorations.

The pattern comes with 9 pieces, and only one piece doesn’t fit onto an 8×11 printed out sheet, and is easily taped together. The supplies are relatively easy to find–aside from said tool–and doesn’t use up much fabric at all. Instructions to account for fabrics with stripes or designs are included so you can line everything up.

For me, this project was relatively short and only took about four hours tops. With dedication, you could make this in a day. The entire project, outside of pattern or tool cost, only totaled up to about $5 from what I couldn’t thrift. Again, this project really won’t eat up supplied or wallets by any means, something this broke college kid appreciates. Outside of supplies, the most expensive thing would be the special tool, which costs $10.75 on Amazon. Quite frankly, this tool is optional and a snap will do just fine to fasten a certain strap down. The tool will provide durability and a more “authentic” look (whatever that would be for a made up artifact), and will make the craft last longer with a more “highly polished” look. If you are entering in a contest and this thing is part of your whole deal, I would say go for it. For casual use, a snap is fine if you don’t have the money/time.

While I did use the suggested cup size and shape, I did test all sorts of cup shapes just to see what wouldn’t fit. Anything, so long as it has a handle, will probably fit into the holster, from squat mugs to tiny tea cups. That said, the recommended cup size does fit the best.

Something I really enjoyed about the pattern, outside of its inherent whimsy, is the ability to add extras and make it more personal. I’m probably going to stitch in some lace across the edges post-review, and may embellish it a bit more. This pattern feels like it’s setting you up to make your own holster unique once you are done, giving you all the main bits you just need to personalize.

Overall, I would give this pattern an 9/10. While it will work with or without the Mini Anorak Snaps, you won’t die because you don’t have the special tool. This patterns definitely has the Ricki Stamp of Approval and I would recommend it to the casual crafter and true-blue steampunk alike, so long as you want the fabric look over a leather one.

find the pattern:

buy a pre-made tea holster:

find the reviewer (that’s me!):

"Piss off" ~Oscar Wilde, probably

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« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2017, 01:06:59 am »

my personal site is
Snr. Officer
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« Reply #2 on: May 23, 2017, 03:53:04 am »

Hello! and while I am not an official greeter, welcome to the Brass Goggles (Huzzah!)

2 of your images did not come through, and I am not an expert on these thing so someone more knowledgeable than I can help you.
They are the ones that are on google, and I get a big 'minus' sign for those.

Now to the fun stuff. I have had several people ask me about the tea-cup holsters in leather and I did my best Spock eyebrow raise, but they had none of it.

As I looked into them they seemed quite fun (and the associated tea-dueling that one may be challenged to if one is packing). 

I got a pattern off a DIY site (I think it was TheIronTailor) I made one, it came out just ok, and I have been re-arranging it beyond belief, I used suede.

As I am going through the iterations, I am using the Chicago Screw style snaps for now, to be switched to toggle, latch or clasp when I get to the heavier weight leather.
Biscuits will be stored inside the cup, as they are delicate and a pre=compromised biscuit in a tea duel could be anywhere between unfortunate to scandalous!
A small tin or tube for sugar, a vial might work for the loose stuff but that, along with (shudder) powdered creamer may make for some, uh, misconceptions about what is going on.  Next is the spoon, I am leaning towards a horizontal storage (this makes it prone to bend) rather than vertical. If I can find a more secure way to keep it vertical I may go with it (maybe a modified button hole or two).  Some of my peeps are absolute tea snobs (and I say that with all the love in my heart) so there may be a tea diffuser that may need storing as well. The one I chose looks like two teaspoons and a tongs were all melded together.  Tea storage will be a tin in there as well because that would accommodate loose or bagged tea. Lining in the leather to me is important too, otherwise it starts to look like cheap bondage stuff. If they want honey or lemon, well, they will need to walk around with those in their pockets

That is all I have for now. I think I am going to pick up a pattern or two from the Etsy site in case I need to make them as emergency gifts.
This is a lot at once, LOL  I checked out your blog-site too, I do hope you keep up with it.

Again, Welcome and Cheers! - gregor

Could somebody Pleeease explain to my mother that it is steam PUNK not steam PIMP!?!

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« Reply #3 on: July 05, 2017, 09:45:00 pm »

Thanks for the review of my Steampunk Teacup Holster pattern, Ricki!

Sherrillynn (aka Sherry Ramaila)

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