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Author Topic: Some books that may be of interest...  (Read 861 times)
Johannes Ghee
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« on: November 12, 2007, 01:10:52 pm »

What follows is a short list of books I've spotted that have been recently released (I have the distinct pleasure of working in a bookshop) that I thought "hmmm... Steampunk" when I first saw them. While not essential reading for the Steampunk enthusiast per se, they do tie in nicely with the period Steampunk aesthetic. Posted in Textual as its intended as a reference (hope thats ok Moderator-On-High)...

"A Brief History of the Age of Steam" by Thomas Crump.
The title speaks for itself really. A history of steampower from the invention of the first steam engine to the decline of an era.

"The Royal Geographical Society Exploration Experience" A gift box set of facsimile documents relating to famous explorers and their expeditions, pre-Victorian and beyond. Also included is a CD of maps that the various explorers used.

"First Class - Legendary Train Journeys Around the World". By Patrick Poivre d'Arvor.
Another gift-box book written by a gentleman who apparently has circumnavigated the globe twice by train. Recounts elleven rail journeys from the romantic era of rail travel.

"The World In 1900: A Colour Portrait". Compiled by Marc Walter and Sabine Arque.
A Gorgeous book, Early colour photographs from around the world. A distinct lack of machinery but lots of exotic locals and dress.

"Iron kingdom - The Rise and Downfall of Prussia 1600 - 1947" by Christopher Clark.
A detailed history of the Empire and country that no longer exists on modern maps. Also, its got the BEST cover of any book I've seen in a very long time - just look at it! If anyone knows where the original image is online, i'd love to know...

I'll probably edit this later on with more titles, but feel free to add your own finds!
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