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Author Topic: [Fund Me] The Archaic, My 38ft Voidship could use your help  (Read 760 times)
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« on: January 12, 2017, 01:37:31 am »
Our Campaign.
Our facebook page (please like and subscribe to us even if you cannot contribute!!)

There is a very long version to our story and what will be occurring with our mighty ship on the campaign page, so I hope to be more direct towards the Brass Goggles community, a web forum i joined years ago when i first discovered steampunk.

about a year and a half ago a very strange idea was born from two guys chatting about what they wanted out of life, and discovering that they both had an affinity for steampunk aesthetic, and a wish to live a simpler nomadic lifestyle than the norm.   We both worked at the same small business, and began a savings, and we obtained a 38 ft school bus with the intent to make it into an art vehicle and travel.   Sadly, the story twists here, because the small business we both worked in went under within two weeks of getting the bus.

We found ourselves with hopes and dreams, a vehicle to achieve them, and alas, no financial structure that we expected to still have.  Its a very long, strenuous story as to things that occurred, but the jist of it is, we decided to move to vegas with the vehicle, to a friends neighborhood, to leave our small town and take a shot at a larger economy to find employment and get things off the ground.  Unbeknownst to us, two individuals joined us posing as wanting to join with our adventure and lifestyle, but they had their own savings secretly and went as tourists, getting drunk daily and screwing over our efforts by being non professional and ditching responsibility as often as possible.

Fourth gear stopped responding properly, it did not hamper the vehicles movement capability however since it has been in very strong condition and the gear going out I believe was my fault, not having experience with large caliber vehicle operating standards  (i have since learned)  
We decided to chance it, and stay in vegas, when the individuals who came as tourists began making a massive hubub about being upset about the heat and wanting to leave.  (the jokes that were made at their expense were beautiful, sadly they cannot be shared)  
The clutch began to be finicky, and I made the call to do a overnight drive from vegas back to the central california coast to get the behemoth back to her mechanic to be properly diagnosed.   We chucked the miscreants off and quite frankly they are no longer allowed in my life nor within 10 feet of my ship.

We got the core issues diagnosed, the bus stored safely, and we began the hunt for new employment.  The story has yet to get better.   I am living currently in the bus, on the side of my mothers house, while my associate has moved to another town looking for work, and has not found any, for the most part he is currently homeless and taking refuge at friends houses during the current rain season.     To make things worse, I have had multiple job interviews, and then someone finally informed me that my resume is defunct by multiple standards and i will have a difficult time finding normal employment because both of my last employment over the last year and a half no longer exist.   The metal foundry that we were working for, while saving up and getting the bus no longer exists, has no contact information, and the building is abandoned.    The college kitchen i worked for before that, also has been bulldozed to build more student housing and development for offices and faculty.

Me and my cohort in this endeavor had a discussion, and decided to attempt crowd funding in the hopes that our intense idea for an art vehicle and our own built lifestyle might be embraced by the online community, and we might find generous individuals to help us get back to a rolling condition and making progress.    The only thing that needs to happen for that is the re-alignment of the clutch.  
That brings us to today.

Let me talk about the future, since I have covered the past.

The Archaic is a hybrid vehicle, The front is a locomotive boiler, cut in half and placed in parallel, hybridized with an Aether resonator.  (totally describing exterior aesthetics here, its a Diesel school bus)  The center is a Victorian rail car fused into the cab of the locomotive, Its destined color aesthetic is candy apple red with brass plating, along with name decor and pin-striping.  The rear of the vehicle is an old 17th century war ship, with stained glass windows in the rear for the captains quarters.  

But the fun part is the fact that the master mechanic that I am friends with (who loves our project since he converted a school bus into an RV himself)  also builds live steam hobby locomotives.  He builds steam locomotives 2-5 feet tall that run on hobby narrow gauge track at club railroads, and he paused after my description of what i want to build and he says "Why dont you add in air hoses and CO2 tanks to simulate steam coming from it when performing?"   So the rear wheels will also have pistons, and a flowback release system to release CO2 as steam every time the piston is fully drawn.      So, Aesthetically, this ship of ours will look and feel like a fully steam driven behemoth, complete with visuals and attuned Whistles and horns.

How do we plan on supporting this once its on the road and moving?   We have a mess of business structures we have developed and will be working, and I have a feeling gutting and tossing out a few since we will not have enough time to do them all.  
I studied at my local community college forms of jewlery crafting, including faceting and carving gems, and lost wax casting for facets and ring smithing.  I have dabbled off and on in leatherworking for about 4 years now as a hobby, turning it into a trade over the rest of my life I am sure.  I also know how to Blacksmith, we have both an anvil and a micro forge on board the ship.  We both have years of experience in art and mixed media design.   I write, Planning on publishing multiple books on the road, aswell as creating weekly writeups and short storys for those who watch our adventures online to partake in.   Atticus has an extensive musical background and can play about 5 instruments and has broader art experience than I.    We also plan on creating online youtube content and material for others to watch, We will also be creating panoramic 360 degree immersion videos from different landmarks and locations we visit using a camera I invested in on kickstarter 2 years ago.    I also hope to create a series of different web content series, from a food and tourism videography web show,  A harry potter fan film/series, and a steampunk mini series.   (also whatever inspiration hits us along the way)

We hope to find individuals willing to pitch a few of their extra dollars towards our project, our rewards are digital, so there is no shipping overhead, and thus we can offer more at lower tiers than most crowdfunding projects like this.

If you have read this far, maybe you can place a moment to pitch in and give us a hand, wont cost you anything but a couple of minutes.
Jump to the top of this post, copy the campaign web address, and post it to your social media of choice, or stick it into an Email and send to a friend.   In truth, at this point, anything helps.

Lots of love to the forum I have lurked for years, and the place that truly started it all for me, Thanks for your time reading this,
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