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Author Topic: Comming Soon Huge Sale  (Read 648 times)
Doc OZ
Australia Australia

Morris Minor

« on: October 06, 2016, 12:42:19 am »

My Name is Tony Campton and I live in the Top End of the Sunshine Coast.
Due to dropping a Morris Minor on myself which destroyed the lower 1/2 of my back I find it is getting harder to work more than half an hour a day.
So, I have decided to sell up over 20 years of collecting some nice stuff.
At this point, I am still going through 4 Sheds full of (let's say in other eye's) weird junk.
There is far, far too much to write down here at present.
So I am going to put it to you in another form.
1 buyer only, winner takes all @ $2,500
Though a few of you could get together and form a co-op.
Let me say here and now that if you wanted to sell some of it to recoup your money then Ebay would love you just with all the Mantle and Grandfather Clock movements, Brand new Trumpets and very old Typewriters, Meccano mobs of it with about 8 wind-up motors and lots of cogs and chain drives, Copper and brass sections and even if you could part with it a late 1800's Electric Tems machine with the original battery.
At present, I am Steaming a Honda CT110 Postie Bike and at the end of that build I should have gone through all the sheds and collected all that will be in the Hoard.
I will do a few videos later as I sort it all out.
If interested you can call on 04 98 998 218
If you Google me I am the old fart not the American Footballer on the first 10 pages of your search.
OK will add to this post as I get my Sh*t together
There would be at least a ute load at present but it will also need a trailer by the end od the clean-up.
This will happen by Xmas this year.
I will be able to help with moving it to say Brisbane-Harvey Bay for $100, Sydney for $200 Melbourne $400.
So thanks for your time
Doc Oz Tony Campton
Cooroibah Qld 4565

I could think of better things to do...But this is fun.
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