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Author Topic: Gorodki — a Russian sports game  (Read 975 times)
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« on: August 11, 2016, 04:17:36 pm »

Gorodki (Russian: Городки, townlets; Swedish: Poppi) is an ancient Russian folk sport whose popularity has spread to Karelia, Finland, Sweden, Ingria, Lithuania, and Estonia. Similar in concept to bowling and also somewhat to horseshoes, the aim of the game is to knock out groups of skittles arranged in various patterns by throwing a bat at them. The skittles, or pins, are called gorodki (literally little cities or townlets), and the square zone in which they are arranged is called the gorod (city).

The first reliable information about the spread of Russian gorodki refer to the beginning of the XIX century. This colored engravings contained in several Western publications and accompanied by a brief description of a Russian folk fun. These publications can be judged that the beginning of the XIX century the game of skittles (or rouhi) was common all over Russia and had their own rules. So the appearance of the game in towns should be attributed to the middle or first half of the XVIII century. This game originated in the midst of the Russian people and spread among the peasantry, and among city dwellers.

Skittles love to play Russian writers Tolstoy, Andreyev and Gorky, Chaliapin, the singer, music critic and composer Stasov, academician Pavlov, a geneticist Timofeev-Ressovsky and the Soviet leaders Lenin, Stalin, Kalinin, Voroshilov.

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