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Author Topic: The Guild of Icarus: Aerospace Engineering and Aeronautical Club  (Read 10062 times)
J. Wilhelm
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« Reply #150 on: November 09, 2017, 07:56:46 pm »

Uber and NASA to develop Sky Taxis by 2020? I just hope they plan on developing 4 rotor VTOL vehicles and not the mostly dangerous 2-rotor design used in the V-22...

Uber is taking a big step towards making its vision of flying vehicles a reality, announcing on Wednesday an agreement with NASA to develop a fleet of air taxis by 2020.

While the ride-hailing service and the U.S. space agency may seem like an odd couple, the relationship is necessary in order to keep everything running smoothly when Uber ultimately takes to the skies.

"The space act that we signed with NASA is initially about collaboration around air traffic management," Jeff Holden, Uber's chief product officer, told NBC News. With so many aerial vehicles flying at a low attitude, the collaboration will be necessary to help manage the skies.

Uber also announced that Los Angeles will be the second U.S. city where it will test its uberAIR service. Dallas-Fort Worth is the first U.S. launch partner, while Dubai will be the first global city.

Holden said he expects Uber will have its first flight demonstrations in 2020 and have the service commercially available by 2023. That's well ahead of the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles, where the service could be especially useful as an already congested city prepares to host athletes and fans from around the world.

Uber's air travel initiative was announced last October with the promise of putting an end to long commutes, letting passengers hail an aircraft ride with the push of a button. In the case of Los Angeles, Uber has 20 strategically placed locations around the city for the Uber network.

The idea is to build a network of vertical takeoff and landing aircraft that would greatly reduce commutes, while also helping to ease vehicle pollution in major cities.

In a video released Wednesday by Uber, the company showed what it will be like to order a seat on one of the aircraft, which will take off and land vertically.

"It's an inspirational way to travel, too," said Holden. "You push a button, fly over the city, and you land. No volatility."

And have you seen this crazy contraption the Volocopter? The first 2 passenger Volocopter flew last year and it's being considered for air taxi projects to come very soon. Basically a Volocopter os just an electric drone. I don't think Uber will use this one in particular as they just announced a development programme with NASA (see my last post)

Dawn of a revolution in urban mobility - first manned flight with the Volocopter VC200
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