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December 18, 2017, 06:02:44 am *
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Author Topic: Miranda's cheapskate Steampunk apparel  (Read 7453 times)
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« Reply #100 on: December 02, 2017, 02:15:23 pm »

I wonder if you could do something with those car windshield sunscreens, the ones that you twist so they compress down to a half diameter for storage? the cloth part you would cut out but leave an inch or three inside the ring to help it keep its roundness since the hoop inside is so flexible. the lines down could be hand or machine stitched to the cloth at the edge and different sized sunscreens might mean they could be used as is or cut down and remade to the sizes needed.  once its all made the whole thing could be twisted and stored in your bustle bag. you might even be able to take some sort of collapsible laundry net bag (with those similar plastic collapsible rings in the sides) and use it inside your bustle bag to help it fight the skirting weight over it. I suppose you could just get one of those big rubber punching balls and stick it in the bag. wouldn't weigh anything really. seems I remember they had rather long fill necks on those balloons so you can tie a slip knot or maybe use a clothes pin to allow to inflate/deflate the balloon as needed. then the bustle bag wouldn't need to be more than one of those laundry bag things, and you could store the hoops and a lot of other costume bits in it during transport.

I've sewn a plastic-pipe frame into to bustle bag so it keep its shape, but the foldable items you mentioned are a great idea and worth experimenting with. I've bough a couple of cheapish skirts off Amazon recently for the material to add to other projects but they also came with very thin but flexible steel hoops and were packaged in the same twisted-folded manner as is the case for sunscreens etc. Wheather they would stand up to continual folding and unfolding for transport and not loose their shape remains to be seen. Also, I must get back to revamping the parasol skirt idea. That was never as successful as I would have wished due to there being too much give in the elasticated belt the arms were sewn onto; I think they need to be anchored to a more more fitted and non-stretch belt or waspie. I also have more arms from recently deceased umbrellas to relace the more twisted ones on the original.


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