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Author Topic: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen  (Read 1012 times)
Deck Hand
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Grande Maitre of the House of Discipline & Bondage

« on: October 08, 2007, 08:20:24 am »

I have been lurking on the forums for awhile, but decided to sign up today, espically when a lady was in trouble finding shelter, I know a site that will hopefully help her.
Anyways I love the site and forum and I guess it's about time for me to sign up and chat as well.

I go by the name Novercalis, and the self proclaimed Misanthropist.
Just because I may be a Misanthropist does not mean I do not get along with others as well.

you can find me on myspace at:

I guess I would be considered "Steampunk" to the broad definition you guys have on it.
I am into most fashion, however I am bias to elegance.
From "Gothic", "Gothic-Aristocrat" (people says I look like Lestat from Interview with a Vampire), Aristocrat, Cyberpunk.
I enjoy Edwardian/Victorian clothing, Dandy (Gangs of New York) style as well but do not own any of that style.
Steampunk is definately up my alley though.

I also run, or started up a fashion group on myspace, feel free to join:

which focus on, victorian, aristocrat, steampunk, cyber, lolitas, fetish

Also work for: and I come bearing a treat for all of you ladies and gents.
we have an online store, ship world wide.

Link to the item

One left... If alot of you are intrested in buying one, Let me know.
If im able to get 10 guarntee buys, im sure my boss will order it. So let me know!
We had some avaitor style googles, sold out now. We got other types of googles, so check our site out.

Other than that - I will be living a true steampunk life soon.

My defintion of steampunk lifestyle -
A steampunk person is of a middleclass person. A tradesmen as well. Working with machinery to get paid before he goes off into his side project.
Wether that project is for more income or a sinister villian who creates unfantomable inventions or a mad scientist.
The other route is the tradesman, taking his craft and traveling, adventuring the world, exploring the world.

A steampunk is - the adventurer who travels the world, using his craft to live where ever he is at the moment. Constantly moving, learning more and teaching of his craft.

A steampunk is a Expatriate (The Adventurer)
Expatriate is a person temporarily or permanently residing in a country and culture other than that of the person's upbringing or legal residence.

I will be working in the Oil Field Industry by the end of the year.
I will be working with machinery and traveling the world.
The income of an entry level Oil Field job is 3k a month.
funny thing - i will be working as a Deck Hand - seems that is the status I have here at the moment with the amount of post I have.
2 weeks work, 2 weeks off rotation.
Depending my location of my job, I will be residing somewhere different in the world. I have very little debt and with I will be visiting many places in the world.
I will become the modern day steamunk adventurer - tinkering with machinery, exploring the world, riding on my zeppelin (helicopter) to work and back "home".
Due to my love also for fashion, anime cons, conventions, fetish cons, etc I will be indulge with fashion styles and with money resources, I will be living a true steampunk way and a true gentleman noble victorian way.

I guess I have babbled enough
till next time
blesses be all
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