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Author Topic: Inside a Gramophone MP3 Player - How to  (Read 2308 times)
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Airship Builder

« on: October 06, 2012, 12:15:04 am »

Here is a little information on how I make a MP3/Iphone/Ipod players in the gramophone style.  Basically a box or object with a horn that the bulk of the sound comes from.  I use a small battery powered speaker/amplifier for a nice sound and plenty of volume.  This approach also has the advantage of working with any device with a 3.5mm earphone jack, so not just an Ipod, but a CD player or radio.

Step one is to create a box with a horn to hold the speaker and other parts.  There are many possibilites on looks and materials.  Here are a few of mine.  I leave it up to you as to what your piece looks like.

Here is a shot of the speaker I use next to an Ipod touch and an extra battery pack that I use in some designs.

The simplest design consists of the speaker with internal batteries (3 AAA) velcroed to the end of the horn that is connected to the box.  You want a tight fit and you want the opening to be close in size to the speaker you are using to achieve the best sound. That is what I did with the teapot design. The ON/OFF switch on the speaker is used as required.

A little fancier design adds an external battery pack and an external ON/OFF switch.  Frequently I use one with a LED that lights up when on. (Radio Shack) Here is the latest Ipod player were the switch and battery pack is in the base and the speaker is in the gauge body.

Here is the insides of another player based on a trumpet for the horn and steel box I made.  You can see the speaker, external battery and the switch.

Any questions?
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