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Author Topic: Constable Colgan's Connectoscope on Unbound  (Read 395 times)
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« on: May 06, 2012, 11:35:00 am »

I just spotted this on Unbound and thought it looked interesting and not a little Steampunk. So interesting and Steampunk I decided to support the project (i.e. paid them money).

Constable Colgan's Connectoscope
By Stevyn Colgan

For many years, we have known about something called Six Degrees of Separation; the idea that every person on this planet can be linked by a chain of just six, or fewer, individuals. Now I’ve designed a machine to do the same thing with facts; a kind of Six Degrees of Information.

I’ve called it the Connectoscope®

Imagine the scenario. I’m in my office, deep in the bowels of Scotland Yard, sipping Earl Grey tea and pondering upon the intricate and myriad connections that bind the universe together when, all of a sudden, a colleague bursts in and says ‘PC Colgan! We have to find a connection between Batman and koalas or the kidnappers will throw the Duchess of Wycombe into a pit of ravenous Komodo Dragons! Fire up the Connectoscope®!’

Thus begins a frenzied flurry of detective activity … staccato word association … frantic whipping through the pages of an encyclopædia of marsupials … finding out every fact I can about the Caped Crusader … Everything is fed into the miraculous steampunkish thinking machine that is the Connectoscope®. The cogs whirr, the flywheels spin, as connections form and break apart only to regroup as solid chains of association. In a moment, the links are all forged and the case is solved.

Sound good? I hope so, because I’m going to need your help to build it.

Pledge to make it happen through Unbound and I’ll share some of the Connectoscope®’s most interesting discoveries to date:

- what humans taste like to robots
- why there were bluebirds over the White Cliffs of Dover
- how a tree became the New York Stock Exchange
- why Bob the Builder has more fingers in Japan than in the UK
- who the patron saint of medical record librarians is... and
- how to make Superman gay

Pledge at the higher levels and I might even get the machine to solve a case for you.

Remember, everything can be connected; the fun lies in figuring out how.

Why Unbound??
By choosing Unbound, I’m nailing my colours to the mast: authors and readers should decide which books get published, not accountants. Books should be sold to readers, not to retailers. I believe that this is the future of quality publishing.

More info:

Disclaimer: Other than sponsoring as a reader, I have no connection to this project.


"The Chrystal? Ah, now - that would be telling."
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