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Author Topic: Looking for Webcomic Collaborators  (Read 391 times)
The Radical
Canada Canada

« on: November 27, 2010, 04:12:47 am »

Not completely "textual," but mostly so.

So I've got a basic plot outline and some character/setting designs, but I want someone to bounce ideas off of, not to mention contribute their own, and help flesh it all out. I would definitely prefer working with people who are both artists and writers rather than one or the other. I want this to be a complete collaboration with everyone doing everything. How exactly that would work is open for discussion. One idea I had to day was that for one page one of us writes and the other does the art, and for the next page we switch. Another possibility is to divide up the art; one person sketching, one inking etc. We can figure that out later. Also note that I'm not necessarily looking for one person here. I'd be more than happy to have a whole team working together on this. Here is a very quick, very rough plot outline which I wrote in about a minute (more details if you like what you see.):

So there's this this guy, he grows up in some backwater town, one day he gets out by sneaking onto a cargo ship headed for Mungalo City, a huge flying city-state out over the ocean. It was put there to make it more difficult to attack and to make it impossible to get in without permission, but people sneak in all the time and the place has kind of gone to pot because they need to rely on pretty much EVERYTHING being imported. Long story short life there sucks. The kid ends up owing the mob a lot of money and they're going to kill him. He takes control of a tower and runs for it. He knows they're after him though, so he has to keep moving and he has to get some cash. He meets a guy, says he'll take him to this lost city, think El Dorado or Atlantis, classic lost city, highly advanced, streets paved with gold and what have you. They go, big adventure, la de da. They finally get there and it's some tiny horrible god forsaken rock. The weird old dude leads the kid down through the caves and they find a sunken city, but it's all rotting and old and there's not much in the way of treasure. The old guy explains that this was a civilization bent on the destruction of the world. They believed the human race was evil and needed to be destroyed so they created a device that would crack the earth's crust, release the molten core, throw the planet off it's orbit and send the whole burning, crumbling mess into the sun. Fortunately, the less advanced groups in the area banded together and there was a big war and the crazy evil world ending civilization was destroyed and eventually the city sank into the sea. This old guy turns out to be evil and crazy, though, and he finds and activates the machine. They have a fight, the hero wins, shuts off the machine, but the place is falling apart. He runs for it, and escapes empty handed. This is where the story start to fall apart. All I know for sure is he's still on the run and needs money to pay off the mob. Where he goes from here I have no idea.

Anyone interested?

Norway Norway

« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2010, 07:20:46 am »

I could help you with the imagination moving. Or what they called it on the Disney channel.
Even some concept art sketching. But I have far too many projects to offer you full and attention drawings. I have my own comic to draw, it wont be out on the Interwebs.

Also a tip to draw attention to your recruiting, Post a link to your previous work if you have any,

-My spelling might be off, due to dyslexia. Please don't make comments in treads about it. It sidetracks the tread and can be annoying to other dyslexias. PM me and ill fix the issue. Thank you.-

"Stranger than you dreamt it, can you even bear to look, or dare to think of me?..." -Opera Phantom
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