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Author Topic: Project Pearlmoth  (Read 381 times)
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« on: November 11, 2010, 10:08:29 pm »

E'llo Steampunkers!

I'm currently working on a project and I'm getting to the point where the project will begin to require more people with a larger range of talents. Basically what I have now is a semi-rough script of a story that I plan on animating in the near future. It's a small project with large aspirations. I was hoping to collaborate with fellow steampunkers on the project to get a well rounded feel to the entire project. The project I'm currently working on (Codename Pearlmoth), is my commentary on imperialism executed with heavy steampunk elements.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Story~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The story itself revolves around two dichotimous figures: A young, rural, Simian girl named Ani and a somber, bipolar mercenary named Nogina.
The world of Pearl was home several cultures and societies that have flourished over several thousand years. One society, known as Imperious, began developing highly advanced  technology that uses steam as it's powersource. Aptly named "Steamworks" the technology helped the Imperious transform from a backwater town to a flourishing empire over the course  of a few decades. Developing heated housing, indoor plumbing, holovision screens, medical care and countless other advancement, Imperious quickly grew and drew in the attention of people all across Pearl.

 Now know as Imperium, the empire began passively assimilating smaller nations in an effort to spread the idea of "The Master": the ideal that the science of Steamworks being at the forfront of a movement into a "perfect future". Resistance groups began emerging, largely formed by ruined societies. This caused Imperium's effort to become ever more aggressive, to the point where a vicious "with us or against us" mentality" was adopted by all Imperium inhabitants.

 The Assimilation campaign was soon formed by the Eidolon Council, the high rullers of Imperium, as a means to give Imperium complete control of Pearl. The campaign sought the genocide of the old ways, either through extermination or assimilation. Ani and her Simian tribe find themselves caught up in this new campaign after hundreds of year of isolation on their island. Leading the campaign is one of Imperium's deadliest mercenaries, Nogina Yjix. The tells the journey of Ani and the Resistance against Nogina and the mammoth empire of Imperium.


I was hoping to have a Q&A on it  to get some insights as to how to plan this project/ what to consider. Also I wanted to  see if anyone (local or otherwise)  would be interested in pursuing a project with me. If you get all the details and you're still interested PM me.

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