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Author Topic: Pawn shop watch  (Read 1593 times)
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Go Science!!!

« on: October 23, 2010, 11:46:01 pm »

This is more of a thank you than anything else...I've been reading most of the posts here in this section and have learned quite a bit over the last few weeks about pocket watches.  While I'm in no way an expert, I know enough now to not be duped.

So I walk into a pawn shop today.  I know that was my first mistake, but I'm looking to just get my hands on a watch and N. Dakota doesn't have the resources that other places might.  So here I am and they only have one watch.  I take a look at it through the display case and the tag on it says 64.99.  I think to myself, this could maybe be promising but we'll see.  After a couple of minutes, a guy comes over and pulls the watch out for me...This is when it gets really interesting.

Firstly, I realize that the tag isn't 64.99, but 649.99!  So I already know that it's out of my price range.  It appears to be dual hinged and the front hinge looks like it's had some damage to it.  The case is scratched, but I'm guessing that would be normal for a watch that was used even occasionally.  The face is kind of yellowed in some areas and looks like it's had some cracking or water damage or something. 

When I remark on the price I'm told that this particular watch is 'turn of the century Elgin.'  At least this guy knows time and a name of a watch manufacturer.  But oddly enough the face says Omega.  This is where my knowledge level wanes.  I'm not about to say that Elgin didn't make the movement, but it just seems a little odd to me.  I ask him how to open the back.  Again, I'm no expert and I'm not about to fiddle with a watch that someone things is worth six and a half bills.  I do know that if I'm going to get an idea of what this watch really is I need to look at the movement.  I need to see a serial number or something.  This is when I'm told that 'I wouldn't do that if I were you.'

I quietly finished admiring the timepiece for what it was, put it down and walked out of the store. 

I wanted to share my story because of its absurdity, but also just to say thanks to the knowledgeable people here that have provided their insight.  The price tag was way to steep for me to even think about it, but after look at what it was and knowing what I now know from everyone here, there's no way I would have walked out of there even if it was selling for 64.99.

At the very least, I did find out that this town does have a certified watch maker!  I'm calling him up next week and see what he has.
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