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Author Topic: $.79 sticks of dynamite  (Read 13441 times)
Netherlands Netherlands

Mundus Patria Nostra!

« Reply #75 on: August 23, 2011, 10:50:23 am »

Needless to say, you shouldn't really be seen in any public places with stuff like this, to avoid all kinds of drama. Grin

Captain Reech
United Kingdom United Kingdom

« Reply #76 on: August 23, 2011, 04:47:16 pm »

And if, God forbid, anyone here is acosted by an armed Police officer whilst carrying anything resembling a weapon or explosive PLEASE do exactly what he says, do not argue, do not fool around and don't do anything to alarm him. It's far better to get a telling off from an irate Cop for wasting his time than to be headline news....and dead. WE know we're harmless, they don't and they have a duty to protect the community from a real or implied threat (they're also Human, have wives and kids they want to get home too and the authority to shoot if they think you're a threat to them!)

Still, excellent prop making idea, superb for display in the right place. I think a fizzing fuse, while extremely cool looking, might cause panic if seen by someone not in the know so probably best not to outside of properly run events. However, for those special moments when we can have fun without scaring the willies out of the general public, you can get slow match (as used by the black powder shooting re-enactment community) sometimes on ebay, if you put a little flamable glue on it and dusted it with iron filings it might well give you a nice "fizzing fuse" effect. Be careful though, it burns VERY hot (Here's a weird fact, if you scorch your fingers with blackpowder or slow match and then suck them they taste a little like bacon.....yeah I know, I'm a bit odd but it's true!)

"I didn't 'Blow it up' I 'Modified the way it works' OK?"
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