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Author Topic: Eureka!!  (Read 423 times)
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« on: May 04, 2010, 04:40:07 pm »

I went back to peek at that silly idea of mine involving a ranky Steam club.Too much fighting inevitable there-but the idea of group of some kind still eats at my brain.And so,I had a glorious idea:
 We could arrange it like the Toy Soldiers(Doctor Steels' fan-club if you don't know).
No ranks,no power hungry idiocy,just insanity and fun.

We could use something like their Divisions-
Although I prefer calling our groups Colonies or something similar in keeping the Victorian idea.Note,there are multiple Divisions in each country,all over.They get to choose whatever random number to go by as well as a short nickname.

I also think using the sub-sets like their Special Ops groups would be perfect.Then,along with having region oriented groups who could talk amongst themselves about local events and such,we'd have these larger groups organized by their 'type'(S) or greatest interests within Steampunk as a whole.Tinkerers,seamstresses,haberdashers(do we even have any of those?),cooks,musicians,anything.The Toy Soldier set-up is quite fabulous.

What say you?We can have nifty little patches and things like the Soldiers!Convention invasions!Take-overs of theme parks et cetera!(Can't you just see a gang of SPs storming in and planting flags everywhere?I claim six flags for the empire!)

We'll need a name-something that fits the Odd Victorian habit of giving simple things overly long and complicated names.The Most Illustrious Mechanaized Militia of the Steampunk Empire?

H.I.M.,Empress Kirix,Steam Faerie,Alchemical Creation
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