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Author Topic: Steampunk World Strike  (Read 2121 times)
Snr. Officer
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« Reply #25 on: September 22, 2009, 07:22:04 pm »

Egads, I think the world just shifted under me, and I became a rogue steampunk!

I too have relatives rather involved in KAG, and while the organizational aspect of it, does allow the group to recruit more effectively, and more importantly engage the public positively (ie: charity events, publicity stunts for businesses ect.)  to cultivate more public acceptance and support, from my outsider's perspective, there seems to be a hefty amount of drama that gets bundled up in it. Not just from the issues of rank and command structure, by on a deeper level, by forcing people with personality clashes to work with each other repeatedly, because the structure of the organization demands it.

Also, the whole steampunk thing is a bit more convoluted than Klingon costuming, which is really the sole core element of KAG. Helping people get into it, do it more effectively, meet other people doing it, and have more fun doing it.

Steampunk interests vary from tinkerers to Neovictorian costumers, to fans of anachronistic literature, and invariably, there will be people who will look at what the membership looks like in their area, and say: "Look at those silly people, that's not what I'm into at all."

Perhaps a better way of approaching it, is rather than establishing a hierarchy, just setting up regional spokespeople (ideally on a city level) who keep in contact with the other spokespeople, maybe through their own forum or a mailing list. The spokespeople can then disseminate the important information locally however they see fit.

If a spokesperson wants to call himself the Admiral of the Chicago Zeppelin Fleet, the Baron of Minneapolis, or merely the Captain of insert-airship-name-here, that's their business, and would certainly add a bit of flavor and prestige to their position.

I just don't think a hierarchy and intensive responsibilities are conducive, helpful, or necessary in the effort of getting people into steampunk.

Honestly,this is how I pictured it.
  the 'leaders'would merely exist as spokespeople to help connect areas to one another.The 'ranks' only exist for the fun of being Archduke such and such and the like-and also to identify the spokesperson,charity organizers,event people-etc.
    I proposed the KAG-ish idea as it only lays more 'control' on simple tasks.
I'd want to appoint a regional spokesperson,a little group in charge of events,one for charity,a group with the needed vigour to harass cons for special rates or party rooms and the like.

  I DO NOT want power struggles,I WILL NOT force people to work with those they don't agree with-it's all meant in fun.
  I want to connect people,help people-like myself-who seem isolated from the general mass of steamy events.(Northern Kentucky,the Cincy league does things...but we're far from Steamcon,Saloncon,the Dance of Vice,etc.)
    I want this group only for those things I've said.Camraderie,dorkery,the ability to mix up those engaged in the different facets of steam(tinkerers,writers,costumers,role players...).
  (I must say,gathering a groups of ONE KIND would be no fun at all.You'd have a heap of costumed people devoid of nifty gizmos.Or tinkerers wearing spectacular armor and gadgets over t-shirts and jeans.Exaggerating...but my general idea of it.)

No exclusion,no compulsory joining,my righteous fist over those who would get power-crazed,mixing the lovely stew of steam into a wonderful concoction that contains all that is steam.
(Not putting bars on what is and is not,not defining,saying every type and archtype is urged to join up to give the world a FULL view of what the community is about.)

H.I.M.,Empress Kirix,Steam Faerie,Alchemical Creation
Dr. Eldritch
Snr. Officer
United States United States

« Reply #26 on: September 23, 2009, 12:13:02 am »

Good Evening, all.

I had a random thought or two about this myself. 

How about a network of affiliatated clubs, akin to the old "gentleman's" clubs of Queen Vicky's reign?  Military, adventurer and maker types would all fit in quite nicely I think. 

In regards to ranks and such, I recently read a book about the SCA called The Knights Next Door.  In it, there is a part where the rank structure is described and how it came about in the Society.  In short, the ranks do confer an elevated status...but they also have responsibilities.  I like to think of such ranks as being a perk with a price, but a price willingly paid if the group benefits from the effort.


Ennui is the mind-killer.
Zeppelin Captain
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First Mate - The Brass Falcon Airship

« Reply #27 on: September 23, 2009, 04:46:48 am »

I don't think a rank structure is needed at all. In fact, I see no reason why there needs to be a rank higher than the regional spokespeople.

Let there be clubs by all means, but I don't think the spokespeople should be responsible for them. Essentially I see the spokespeople as informed citizens who are knowledgeable in helping people get acquainted with steampunk. No more, no less. They should have fliers with websites, and local business, and maybe a list of the local clubs, if applicable.

Really, I don't think it even matters how many spokespeople there are. Anyone who wants to help spread the word should feel free to become informed, and then inform those in need of information.

Anything else is over-complicating the idea.

Leave the ranks and structure to the clubs, if they want them.
United States United States

« Reply #28 on: September 24, 2009, 03:43:05 pm »

This idea really intrigues me, for a simple reason that I am in a somewhat barren area of the steampunk "scene". Having never been a part of a club or organization, it would be rather fun to have the sense of belonging, to be part of a like minded group. However, having been around the fringes of the anime crowd, i would be wary of the same things being spoken of here- that those with the inclination to be in charge are more likely to abuse that power.

Regardless, I will watch with interest and if something ever got off the ground, I would be interested in joining...
Sir Henry Tolvaddon
United Kingdom United Kingdom

« Reply #29 on: September 24, 2009, 08:00:41 pm »


Ranks encourage....rankers

And the idea of some kind of official and institutionalised form of steampunk "membership" leaves my boiler distinctly low on coal  Shocked

Avast! And pass the rum old chap!
Sgt.Major Thistlewaite
Zeppelin Admiral
Gibraltar Gibraltar

I am, therefore I think.

« Reply #30 on: September 24, 2009, 11:34:29 pm »

Another definition for "rank" is "smells rotten"....heh.

Yet well thy soul hath brooked the turning tide, with that innate, untaught philosophy,Which, be it wisdom, coldness, or deep pride, is gall and wormwood to an enemy.
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