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Author Topic: FYI: My ToDo list.  (Read 1209 times)
Copper Sulphate
Zeppelin Captain
Denmark Denmark

Teslarian Electrosteam Contraptor

« on: April 30, 2007, 11:42:08 am »

  Just wanted you all to know that the Admin Team are in a bit of a recess and is preparing some form of public statement. No ETA yet. This should address some of the top questions brought forward recently. I'd rather not open the gates on more than one major discussion at a time, but as far as I recall, we have the following items in the pipeline for Tactile to consider:

  The Link Library. (Start thinking about how you'd organize hundreds of links in the current forum format. I'm having difficulties, speculating we need a Wiki for that to be effective.)

  The Project Gallery. (Should go forward as discussed previously.)

  The gun issue. (Anything not chemically propelled should be OK for Tactile. IE. paintball markers, props, spring/pneumatic/hydraulic powered, crossbows, air/railguns and the likes is fine, assuming they are homemade and SteamPunk'ed.)

  High voltage. (Yet to be debated properly. At the very least anything without exposed high voltage will be OK, regardless of voltage/power. And please try not to pull the Tesla-coil-in-a-cage thing, will ya'?)

  I'd rather people keep their comments for now or at least send them to me as a PM if you must. Much more to come here. Yet I wanted you all to know where the boundaries will be (or are for the time being as the case may be).

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July 19th, 02009: Lab project delayed. Local home 'improvement' stores have apparently stopped carrying any kind of quality DIY materials... Huh
July 15th, 02009: Much progress was made today on clearing out my future laboratory, yet there is a ways to go still.
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