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Author Topic: First time product: Leather and Brass  (Read 1429 times)
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Aspire not to have more, but to be more

« on: February 23, 2009, 09:02:59 pm »

I was wondering what I would first like to make in the way of Steampunk wear, and in the end I settled on a pair of Brass Goggles, as I thought the image of myself with such a pair strapped over my fore head would look pretty cool. Now I could prattle on all day like a ranting fool, but I'm going to get down to brass tacks here and say why I posted (though some of you might have guessed):
I want to make a pair of Brass Goggles, and I would like to know if anyone has any experience, or could point me in the right direction of a DIY Steampunk site. Admittedly I am a complete amateur at this, and any guidance is greatly appreciated.

Regards - Alessio

Edit: I forgot to mention that I am envisaging the strap as being a wide leather one, not like string or chain, so that it tightly grips my head.
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« Reply #1 on: February 23, 2009, 10:50:50 pm »

I'd say that most of the loonies that you get around here have had a go at a goggle or two. Tactile is full of prime examples and lots of good making tips. There's even a complete "How to" floating about somewhere. (Some one be helpful and post a link.)
My advice would be, take a mooch about in that thread and flagrantly steal any ideas that appeal.

If you are new to the making lark, then a mod of an existing pair of, for instance, welding goggles is a good way to hone the skills. Also it doesn't take too much work before you have a usable item and you can always go back and rework them as your ambition and confidence grows.

Remember, pound shops and boxes of junk are your friends. No good getting carried away with spending loads of dosh and then being unhappy with the result.

Good luck with it.
Specific questions about technique get huge reponses hereabouts so feel free to ask.
Post pictures. (We like pictures.)

Kind regards and fullsome welcomings,

Dr. Q.

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« Reply #2 on: February 23, 2009, 11:47:50 pm »

A few leather tips that might help...

Bevel the edges of your leather, either with a beveller, or very carefully with a utility or craft knife.  Rub them with an edge slicker too (or the back of a spoon).  These two steps will make the edges look much more professional.  Skive (shave off some of the thickness) the ends if you are overlapping the leather, or folding it.

Round the ends rather than square cut them, it usually looks a bit better.

Good luck.


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Aspire not to have more, but to be more

« Reply #3 on: February 24, 2009, 04:57:02 pm »

Thanks for the input guys, I really appreciate the mention of a 'How To' thread for it, and the leatherworking tips are very useful. I have arranged a trip to a car boot sale this weekend, and myself and a mate are going to go up and get some junk we can dismantle for parts (toasters, clocks, etc), and we are going to try modding some stuff before my dad can get some welding goggles to us. Any things I should look out for that are good for parts?

Also, I have settled on a design for my ideal goggles when I make them. They will be a single strap of leather encompassing my skull, with one end of the strap running free through one side and getting fastened back on a buckle further back. The lenses will only be a couple of centimeters from my eyes, practically being laid over my eyebrows and cheek bones on the leather. a bit of furring for the seals and the bridge of my nose will almost complete the ensemble, and a brass painted cog will take the proud space on my forehead, most likely between my eyebrows.
Any input for the proposed design? Soonish I will produce some design documents and post them up, but for the time being I only have a clear image in my head.

Regards - Alessio
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