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Author Topic: The Empire Doesn't Strike Back, But Eventually Pays Attention.....  (Read 1498 times)
Zeppelin Overlord
United States United States

« on: April 02, 2007, 05:32:27 am »

Though the older gent's tan cotton garb did not seem as odd amidst the
Persian opulence of "The Garden of Delight", the maitre d' still ushered
him to the curtained alcove just slightly more quickly than he might have.

"Aaaahhhh..Professor Harlock.." There was the tiniest hint of an accent that
was not Oxford in the large man's voice. That hint was made more obvious by
the carefully-wound turban and steel bangle he wore at his wrist, contrasting
with his Saville Row suit, most suitable for a Surgeon of his renown.

"Doctor Singh.. so good of you to meet with me."

The other gentleman in the room, a whippet-slim dandy of a man, with perfectly-
coifed hair and a trimmed goatee, made a toasting gesture with the bit of his
hookah, and bowed politely.

"Lord Ihsan.. always a pleasure."

When the curtain fell into place to shield them from common view, all three exchanged the
embraces of old battle-comrades.

"Thank you both for meeting wth me.  A Certain Person has been in touch with me,
and, it would seem that A Certain Lady is most concerned with current goings-on,
and we have been asked to make a discreet investigation, and report our findings."

Both gentlemen nodded, not at all surprised.

"The airship Gyrfalcon shall be departing on a Geographic Exploration in two days time, with
our first Destination being the Free Port of Salvage.. I have two platoons of lads from the
Sixteenth Aerial Dragoons who don't seem to favor retirement,
and the flight crew..well, you know them from the 'Good Old Days'.....
I assume no one will remember us, it has been a long time...

I would like to hire on a few more Specialists to accompany us, Word is being spread, We shall see..."

Lord Ihsan al'Azif, Prince-in-Exile of the Kingdom of Syria, spoke first.
"I am most in need of an excursion.  I have been working altogether too much in the
shop, and need a bit of diversion. So many new toys to try ..."

The elegant man turned, then touched the perfect rosebud at his buttonhole.
Exquisitely-made clockwork opened the enameled petals and a powerful spring propelled
a tiny sliver of metal from it, to impale a stuffed grape leaf, held in his slim fingers.
The large physician smiled. "I am unable to accompany you, alas, because of my Practice,
but I can send eight of my best. Black scarves."

Dr. Harlock bowed.  "I thank you both, my brothers. We depart at dawn two days
hence. We shall sort this all out, I hope." He stood straight and held out a
cup with a small smile. "The Appropriate Toast?"

Both men stood as well, and toasted in amused silence.

"Now", Professor Harlock chuckled, "that lamb smells bl**dy marvelous.... let's enjoy it
while we can.. Tomorrow.. who can say?"

The Lamb Tagine was exceptional.


Jeremiah Cornelius Harlock
At Your Service

"It's so hard to know if you're bound for a fall,
But better to have tripped than never danced at all."
"Dancing Under The Rose" - The Albion Band.
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