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In spirit at least, a group of people from across the Steampunk globe working towards a common purpose - Brass Goggles

It’s been quite some time since I posted my request for co-writers for the Brass Goggles blog, and I was very pleasantly inundated with offers of assistance!  I’m only just getting to the end of contacting those kind souls and setting them up, but as I’ll shortly be approving the first post from a contributor, I thought it best to let you all know what’s coming up!

Prepare for Steampunk from around the globe, from far wider afield than a mere Tinkergirl could manage – I’ll continue to post myself, but with this influx of new blood (Ms Mina would be pleased) Brass Goggles should be once again a far more lively beast.  Check for the names of the new posters in the top left hand corner, and please welcome our new writers when you spot them!

Dear all,

With recent outages of Brass Goggles and the Steampunk Forum (for which I am sincerely sorry for) and my lack of regular posts in the last few months, I finally admit that while I struggle alone – I could really do with some help.

So I thought I better ask here first – because I know that there are phenomenally talented people both here and on the forum, and no-one knows Steampunk and Brass Goggles better than the readers.

I’ve got two ‘roles’ to fill, you see:

  1. Co-Writer for Brass Goggles.
  2. Technical Aetherweb Assistance.

The co-writer would help me keep the post regularity up here on Brass Goggles – I have no shortage of things to post about, I merely lack real world time to turn them into posts written with care.  If there were someone enthusiastic about Steampunk who could in their own well written style contribute 2-4 posts a week, remembering to stay on the lighter side of Steampunk, I’d very much like to hear from them.  If I get more than one volunteer (as I have one volunteer already – a very kind offer indeed) then I’ll have to make some tough choices, but anyone who offers to help already has my heartfelt thanks.

The technical request is due to my lack of cunning with the more technical side of running this site.  As you may know, Brass Goggles is run on WordPress (a rather out of date version) and the forum runs on Simple Machines (again, somewhat out of date).  I’m with Fasthosts, mostly due to the fact that I have unlimited bandwidth.  I’m really seeking some occasional assistance to get things up to date, stop the hacking that has been sneaking in (my apologies to anyone who saw the contents of that RSS feed), and generally get this house in order once again.  An occasional hand, really. The Brass Goggles site is something I run because I love Steampunk (and the people involved in it) and I do not make money from it – that said, I pay for the hosting out of my own pocket and always consider the donations I occasionally get to be ‘extra thanks’ so while I could not pay a co-writer over any length of time, nor could I ‘employ’ an aetherweb advisor, I’d like to give out occasional gifts of thanks from the ‘kitty’ as and when appropriate if I could.

Thank you for your time, and consideration, if you think you could be of assistance, please either comment below with a link to an example of your writing (preferrably to do with Steampunk) if you are interested in co-writing, or with some indication that you have aetherweb muscles AND brains to technically assist.


Posted by on April 3rd,2008
Acanthus Design's Armillary Ring Prototype

Urk!  I thought I was done for the evening, but I could not resist posting about this cunning creation by Acanthusleaf Design studio over at the Clockworkers Guild LJ group!  It’s a ring, as you can see, based on the one from the book by Diana Scarisbrick, Historic Rings.  It’s based on a 17th Century design with some modifications – but as you can see, it’s a ring with rivets that opens out like the armillary spheres that it is inspired by!  How utterly magnificient!

They are clamouring for the opportunity to buy one over at the Clockworkers Guild and I really cannot blame them in the slightest – were I a jewellery wearer, I’d be tempted in a second.  As it is, I wonder if you could engrave the seperate rings to hide messages, keep codes, or use as impromptu sun dials or sextants!  Wonderful work, Acanthusleaf!

Justice League, Gaslight variants, by Sillof

Mr Sillof is a skilled modifier and scratch-builder of scale figures – specialising it seems in characters from film, comic and book.  The above image shows his recently completed Justice League (from the DC Comics range) as seen through the Gotham by Gaslight view.  Gotham by Gaslight was an alternative history comic where Batman is set in the 1880s, fighting Jack the Ripper.  As you can see (and see much better on Mr Sillof’s site) there’s a more military and rivetted Superman, a corseted Wonder Woman, a begoggled Green Lantern and Aquaman can be seen in a wonderful reversed Steampunk ‘diving’ suit, with the helmet containing water instead of air.  Wonderful fan work showing some real love for the characters and what they might have been like!

Very cunningly made, and makes me wish that there was more to the Gaslight series!

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Brass Goggles Domain Returns

Posted by on December 4th,2007

Good afternoon,

Many of you have noticed that the domain had been down for several days – this was due to a hosting security issue that has since been fixed.  So both this blog, and the Steampunk Forum are now back up – do not adjust your goggles.  Unless of course they require adjusting, in which case may I recommend a very small spanner, and to use your backup goggles as eye protection in the meantime. I apologise deeply for the downtime over the last few days.

Posted by on November 21st,2007

Datamancer's Beautiful Steampunk Laptop

Mr Datamancer, creator of many beautiful things not least of which are Steampunk keyboards that defy mundanity, has finished what must be his masterwork – the Steampunk Laptop.  From its glass lidded frame, neath which nestle innumerable cogs of shiny brass, to the tiny lions foot corners – every inch of this extensively re-cased laptop has had the hand of a craftsman taken to it.

There are speakers hidden under black lined violin-style sound holes, there’s a ratcheted wind up key for turning it on (think Tik Tok in Return to Oz, perhaps?) and there’s a beautiful quill-style stylus for using on the golden coloured touchpad.

It is a delight, and I’m most definitely not the only one to think so – Mr Datamancer has been featured in many highly thought of places – not least of which are Newsweek and the NY Times.  Congratulations, Doc – you’ve done very well and deserve praise for a most beautiful creation!

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Apologies for my Dissapearance

Posted by on November 20th,2007

I feel I must briefly apologise for having dropped off the face of the planet – there were quite a few things going on that needed attending to, and had otherwise overloaded my feeble mind.  Thank you to the people who posted in the comments asking where I was – I’m sorry I hadn’t been here to reply sooner. Normal service should be resumed presently.

Toy Oscilloscope (and more) by Mr A Smith

Posted by on November 4th,2007

A Toy Oscilloscope - A Steampunk Conversation Starter

Apparently, the first cathode ray tube oscilloscope was invented by Karl Ferdinand Braun in 1897 merely as a curiostity of science, and while they went on to become essential tools of frequency and electricity, they still today have a certain wonder about them – those ghostly serpentine sine waves that can so easily fracture, square or squish at the turn of a knob or change of input.  And so it was that Mr Andrew Smith (after finding a small cathode ray tube in his loft) decided to build a miniature, mostly ornamental oscilloscope as a talking piece!

The page linked to above goes in to some very technical detail if you have the skills to recreate it, and the Gadget Freak blog has the same write up, but slightly easier to read, but to me, knowing that there’s a slightly-larger than palm sized oscilloscope, with mahogany base and glowing valves sat on a table somewhere is enough for just now.  Also, do check out the other ‘traditionally’ mounted electronic projects – some delightfully Steampunk!  Thank you Mr C Jones for pointing these lovely things out to me.

Posted by on October 29th,2007

Absinthetic's Chronotheric Fluxing Capacitron

Noticed on BoingBoing today, the most marvellous Chronotheric Fluxing Capacitron, by Flickr user, and Brass Goggles forum member, Absinthetic, is a beautiful creation that just does wonders for Steampunk! Created as as prop to Absinthetic’s 2007 halloween costume as a 19th Century time traveller, this beautiful clock has mysterious energies writhing across its face. Very well done, Mr Absinthetic!  (And thank you, Sinjun for alerting me to the wonders under my very nose!)

War of the Worlds Webcomic

Posted by on September 11th,2007

War of the Worlds Webcomic

Over at Neatorama today, they posted about the War of the Worlds webcomic from Dark Horse comics.  An adaption by Ian Edginton and art by D’Istraeli, this looks like a rather faithful adaption of the classic HG Wells tale of invaders from Mars.  With heat rays and human resistance, this is one of the wonderful ancestors of Steampunk.  Enjoy!