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[Kickstarter] A Steampunk’s Guide to Sex

Posted by on September 9th,2012

An interesting Kickstarter project aiming to produce a book exploring how Victorian ideas about sex and sexuality inform our modern ideas about sex and sexuality. And, of course, they’re using the Steampunk angle as a way to have a bit of fun with it:

You can find more about the project on A Steampunk’s Guide to Sex Kickstarter page

Gaslamp Games, creators of the enjoyable rogue-like Dungeons of Dredmor, have just revealed their new game to the world today and it is all about building steampunk cities in a dangerous world filled with monsters, elder gods, insane people and evil. – [Violent Gamer]

Here’s just two images from the game – one art, one is supposedly actual gameplay; click either for the full article with more screen shots. Or, view Gaslamp Games’ press release.

Clockwork Empires game art

And the gameplay shot:

Clockwork Empires gameplay

Tesla Museum Project over 1M funded!

Posted by on August 24th,2012

This just in from the Oatmeal.  Let me say that it’s about time!   I’m off to go feed some Pigeons.


-Sprocket out.


Steamy/Clockpunk watch… oh yes

Posted by on August 24th,2012

This is nearly pornographic in its splendor:

A wonderful “visible” mechanical timepiece worthy of adding to a Steampunk outfit: the Devon Steampunk watch.

[via BoingBoing]

CLOSER: a Clockwork Operetta

Posted by on August 17th,2012

It’s not exactly Steampunk, but the overall sensibility is in a similar spirit:

Not to be outdone by our amazing Website Administrator Proteus, as Content Administrator I felt I should probably jump on the update band wagon!

I found this amazing little find today for those who are on the maker side of Steampunk.  Should your project require use of a sync cable for an iPod, iPhone, or iPad, I found this ready-made solution for you.  It also happens to be about $5.00(USD) less than the apple product.

Head on down to Eastern Collective and have a look.  While your at it, if you need other cabling ideas check our forum thread located Here .

Interesting idea at the very least:

Clockwork Sky

Victorian Vader

Posted by on August 15th,2012

From EPBOT’s Jen, a lovely mod of a Darth Vader mask into something more appropriate for a Victorian dark master:

Click the link to see more of the process and the finished product!

Victorian newspapers available online

Posted by on August 14th,2012

The British Library has made two million pages of Victorian era newspapers available online.

Pages from two major papers are available at no charge; others require payment to access. Still, a very fun look into Victorian history and a great source of inspiration for projects!





[via @AirshipEmbassy]

Steampunk Lara Croft? Yes, please

Posted by on August 13th,2012

Via Geeks are Sexy comes this lovely Steampunk Lara Croft outfit by Meagan Marie:

Check out the link above for more shots and details of the design!