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A previous post, 1863 Blackburn Agricultural Engine has been updated. We were notified that the images were being used without permission or attribution, and regret the error. has been gracious enough to work with us, and has provided us with the permission to use these images.  The post has been updated in accordance with this agreement.

Thanks to the folks at for their understanding (and shiny stuff!).

Some admin notes

Posted by on February 12th,2011

After some careful consideration, a few changes are going to be made to the blog.

First, we’re going to disable comments — we have a perfectly wonderful forum for discussion, where we have a team of moderators to deal with the ever-problematic spam.

Second, we’re moving toward establishing a more stable schedule of postings.

Finally, you can now submit things you’d like to see on the blog by mailing submission at

Lightweight theme

Posted by on May 7th,2010

If you’re visiting the site in a browser, you may notice a new look. This is a lightweight theme designed to ease the load on our servers a bit, without being too ugly.

If anyone wants to design a better-looking, but still light-weight WordPress theme for the blog, please feel free! When you have a demo site up with the theme, drop proteus a private message on the forum.

Update: based on feedback, I’ve tweaked the color scheme – this doesn’t make it any heavier, but hopefully it looks a little better. Again, I invite those with a more artistic eye to develop alternate stylesheets or whole themes and send them to me.

Preparing for move to

Posted by on April 19th,2010

A quick administrative note. As of today, you can use either the current or the new domain name to access Brass Goggles.

Update: (see below for more) we’ll be staying at indefinitely! will also work for now – it might be re-purposed in the future for a related task, though.


Update: Tinkergirl noted this post, and we’re now in touch and working toward ensuring that will continue to work! Yay!The registration for is set to expire in September of 2010. TinkerGirl, the site’s founder and original administrator, owns this registration. Unfortunately, I have been unable to reach her to determine whether she intends to renew that registration or no. As a result, I’ve registered as a “safety net”, to ensure that there will always be a way to reach this site.

What’s next?

  1. If I don’t hear from TinkerGirl in the next 30 days, I’ll be switching the default domain for this site to  URLs using will continue to work as long as that domain exists and points here (I just don’t control either of those things).
  2. In September, if TinkerGirl chooses not to renew, I will attempt to renew it myself.  However, depending on the exact policies of the current registrar for that domain, there may be a period of time when domains won’t work.

Note that will continue to work until at least September 2010 no matter what happens, so:

[Off-topic] PSA: Haiti relief effort

Posted by on January 14th,2010

The steampunk community in general, and the members of Brass Goggles in particular, have always shown themselves to be generous in donating their time, talent, and funds to improving the community.

In light of the Haiti tragedy, I’m asking that anyone who was considering making a donation to Brass Goggles in the near future direct those funds to Doctors Without Borders instead. This is a worthy and effective charity, and is not associated with any religious or political group.  There is a donation banner on the right side of the blog site, and I’m providing another in this post for the convenience of our feed subscribers.

Support Doctors Without Borders in Haiti

We now return you to your regularly-schedule steampunk.

To keep everyone updated with my my previous post/s, here’s some links regarding the official launch of the Aquitarian Guild of Inventors & Engineers or AGIE for short.

(Note: This name is still not set in stone and subject to change depending on the communities’ reaction however, this name will now be officially used until enough surveys and mailing list subscriptions have been completed.)


Official Website

TBD (Awaiting vote on Guild name)


Twitter Feed

Used for future AGIE updates rather than spamming Brass Goggles with posts.


Mailing List

The core AGIE mailing list.

We urgently need as many people as possible to join the mailing list but more importantly, take part in the survey! Anybody from any walk of life within the Steampunk community is welcome to join this list regardless of location. Please note we have a large opening for skilled artists to work with members of the guild in exchange for each other’s services as well. One of the guilds aims is to become the ultimate one stop repository of skilled proffesionals from the Steampunk community for both personal and corporate client bases. However the guild itself will always remain strictly none-profit. The exchange of money will be solely controlled by the parties involved. Authorisation most be sought from the guild prior to this so as not to bring the guild into disrepute for its other members. Providing previous examples of your work will satisfy this so that we hold a strong quality base.


Discussion Thread

Temporary base of guild discussions until a proper structure has been put in place and the name of the guild voted on. After which, the website shall have its own dedicated forums.


p style=”text-align: left;”>A NOTE FROM YOUR BLOG ADMIN – please take all discussion of this over to the forum.  Comment fields are NOT the place for lengthy discussion or debate. Thanks, Harold

Dec.06.09 –  The problem may have been related to a buggy version of mod_disk_cache installed on the site.  Currently caching has been disabled to see if this corrects the RSS and other linking problems that have been plaguing Brass Goggles.  The site, though, may be a bit slow, until we get the fixes completely tested and in. Thanks, Harold (and the rest of the BG techno-boffins)

We appear to be having some RSS feed troubles

Posted by on November 25th,2009

Some people have been getting comments and posts (and some archive material) in the RSS feed for the site. I think I’ve traced down and fixed the issue, but it may take up to 48 hours for the situation to resolve.

If you still see comments in the main feed after 48 hours, please reply to this post.

If you don’t know what an RSS feed is, then kindly ignore this message. ;-)

Call for Blog Submissions!

Posted by on October 9th,2009


A little trouble on the blog and forum

Posted by on October 6th,2009

I want to thank everyone for showing such interest in our blog and forum; the growth over the past couple of weeks has been amazing.

Unfortunately, it took us by surprise, and the swell of interest has proved a little too much for our server. We’re working on keeping it online, and making improvements to make sure it can handle even more growth.

Thanks for your patience while our team of volunteers (me) works on things!

Update: we’ve upgraded our server! See this topic for details.  Thanks for all your patience!