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Steamboy’s STEAMBALL Replica

Posted by on January 30th,2009

As seen in the film of the same name, this high pressure steam vessel has been replicated by your very own Herr Döktor, a build diary of a sort can be found here.

Clive Batkin’s Creations

Posted by on November 20th,2008

Clive Batkin is a new (and hopefully upcoming) steampunk artist of whom we proudly display two perfectly stylish creations here.

The first image depicts a steampunk desk lamp called “The Optimus” by Mr Batkin, after the Swedish-made brass stove that forms the base of the lamp. Simple and beautiful, “The Optimus” should perfectly complement any steampunk enthusiast’s desk–and we want one too!

Depicted besides the lamp is a steampunk desk fan created in similar style. Mr Batkin explains that, “construction centered around lots of copper pipe,” with “some of the beautiful newly designed UK one penny coins” used as end caps and decoration, “and lots of random brass/copper bits and pieces here and there.” The result makes for an elegance pure and shining that represents the work of an undeniable new voice in steampunk style.

Steampunk Cellphone

Posted by on November 20th,2008

You might not realize at first quite what this contraption is, but it’s the first full-fledged steampunk cellphone! It has, “no display. No 3G. No data plan. No games. It doesn’t even have a dial pad,” write the people at Unplggd “You make your calls with binary-coded punch cards, steampunk.”

The device was created by a Mr Arthur Schmitt.

Halloween Aviator Costume

Posted by on November 11th,2008

Mr Andy Miller was so inspired by the “Steampunk Ornithopter” we wrote about last October, that he decided to built one himself!

Mr Miller crafted the wings out of a variety of parts, the frames made of bamboo sticks, the cloth being a recycled tablecloth, and the steam engine a copy machine toner cartridge, with a tube from a broken mop for the exhaust pipe! With matching leather aviator helmet and goggles, it makes for a charming outfit indeed! For more information and pictures, click here.

Gatehouse Gazette #3

Posted by on November 9th,2008

Steampunk is all about “Playing Roles & Dressing-Up” with the third and holiday issue of the Gatehouse Gazette.

Read about the most stylish history maker, Beau Brummell, from Mr James Roberts or discover the glory of the Venetian Carnival in an article by Mr Joost van Ekris. Learn the life story of the first steampunk musician from the man behind Vernian Process himself, Mr Joshua Pfeiffer, and let Mr “Piecraft” teach you about the early history of the dieselpunk genre with the films Metropolis and Man With A Movie Camera.

Furthermore, we have an article about steampunk makeup by Miss Bérengère Couneson, two articles about steampunk role-playing as well as a Steampunk Wardrobe column about the “Airship Pirate” look all by Miss Hilde Heyvaert, reviews of Unhallowed Metropolis, Scarlet Traces and BioShock, plus a column by Professor Delphinius J.C. Tucker.

Click here to download and read it!

Gatehouse Gazette #2

Posted by on October 2nd,2008

Steampunk is “History in the Making” with the second issue of the Gatehouse Gazette, released this September.

From the origins of World War I by Mr Robert Rodgers to an article about Japan’s reasons for attacking Pearl Harbor by Mr J.D. Roger, it is history that the contributors to the Gazette are writing. Between all this war, there is fortunately more adventurious spirit also, in a narrative about the first motorized crossing of the Sahara, by Mr Joost van Ekris, a report on steampunkness in Disneyland Resort Paris, by Ms Hilde Heyvaert, plus an article about Hugh Ferriss, “delineator of Gotham”. And the Gazette offers an exclusive preview of Mr Toby Frost’s upcoming novel, God Emperor of Didcot!

Please click here to download it.

The Machines de L’île (Nantes)

Posted by on July 24th,2008

If you are the lucky ones who have friends/family/holidays in Brittany. You have to go to Nantes. First of all, the city saw the birth of one of our beloved genius, Jules Vernes. But I will not talk literature now, but mechanics. When you go downtown, near the river Loire, there is a very particular island in which dwell many stange creatures, half steel, half wood. The Machines de L’île is an artistic project situated in the former warehouses of the Nantes shipyard. Part Vernes, part Vinci and definitely part Dr Moreau, you cannot miss the gallery of the Machines, the Heron Tree and the Great Elephant (dare you ride it?). It is worth the travel for any steampunk lover! Picture : Nautilus Nantes

Gatehouse Gazette

Posted by on July 23rd,2008

“The new steampunk & dieselpunk magazine” is here with the release of the first issue of the Gatehouse Gazette.

In this first issue, the reader with find an introduction to the genre of dieselpunk by Piecraft and Ottens, an interview with Toby Frost, author of the steampunk-in-space novel, Space Captain Smith, an article about the gentleman in modern times by Delphinius Tucker, steampunk fashion and couture by Hilde Heyvaert, a review of the latest Indiana Jones film by Jack Rose, steampunk poetry, essays, cartoons—and more!

Please click here to download it.

Mouse of our Steampunk Forum has searched in vain all over the internet for Steampunk wallpapers. Finding a shortage, he she decided to amend that by creating She has started this project with the ambitious idea to create a wallpaper a day for a year. She has many so far, yetshe is on the lookout for new ideas! So, she is asking the good citizens of the internet for new ideas for steampunk wallpaper! You can visit her thread at our forum about the topic here.

Retro Alarm Clock

Posted by on July 12th,2008

Retro Alarm Clock by Pyromancer

This beautiful “Retro Alarm Clock” should make a most fashionable addition to any steampunk enthusiasts’ sleeping quarters! Devised by a Mr Ulrik Nielsen from Denmark, the clock is painted in appropriate brass, which, with the emarald green of the inner parts of the little machine, makes for a perfect steampunk contraption!

Please do delight Mr Nielsen with a visit to his Profile, where further photographs of his creation may be appreciated in the Stock category. (I must warn though, that some of the imagery on display there might not be considered entirely “work-safe”!)