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Steampunk Omnibus, 4th of August 2007.

Posted by on August 4th,2007
An Omnibus!  Very Victorian

The back catalogue of links that have been suggested, but I have yet to post about has been nagging at my conscience recently – there are so many good things that ought to be mentioned! So I’m going to try to catch up a little and bring a few of these to light (or remind you, if you’ve seen them before).

  • Victoriania, RPG. A pen and paper RPG set in a Steampunk and sorcery world of 1867. Humans, eldren, ogres, etc. (Thanks to Mr ClymAngus, who has the distinction of being the oldest link in my collection.)
  • Artifical Nightingale, Sculpture. Using pumps, valves and electronics, the artist Nina Schedlmayer recreates the song of a nightingale, hanging from a cord in the ceiling. (Mr Greco and Mr Von Slatt sent this my way, back in the day.)
  • Wind Powered Walking Sculptures.  Several links for these beautiful, haunting wooden-mechanical ghosts of the sand by Theo Jansen.  They’re powered by the wind and these many legged ‘creatures’ stride and scuttle onwards.  (Thanks to Chris, Matt, Bookishboy and Mr Slavinsky!)
  • The Antikythera Mechanism, Ancient Calculator.  Long before our beloved gears were thought to exist, the clever Greeks were doing impossible things with mechanical calenders.  A little mindblowing.  (Dawn, Mr Greco, Naysayer and MikeST – thank you so much for pointing this out!)
  • Ornithopters! Link CollectionSo many ornithoptic links from Andy_W – those marvellous attempts and successes at creating winged, flapping artificial flight(Thanks Andy, and have a nice holiday.)
  • Flying Helmets and Goggles, Accessories.  UK shop selling flying helmets, driving helmets, goggles, flying boots and thick gloves.  Unsure of the prices, but I don’t know the going rate for apparently well made leather helmets.  (Thank you, Mr Beaty.)
  • Archimedes Steam Cannon, Mythbusters.  Another pre-Victorian steam creation, this was the irrepressible Mythbusters checking to see whether an ancient design for a steam cannon would be any good.  Results were dissapointing.  (Thank you, Paul.)
  • Victorian Science Fiction, Miniatures.  Some painted, and scratchbuilt wargaming miniatures of the Steampunk variety.  Some nice War of the Worlds tripods and splatted martians.  (Many thanks, Mr Hildebrandt.)

Well, that took longer than I expected chuckles.  Still, do people mind if I occasionally post a collection of shorter links?