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Robert Shuttleworth’s shuttlewerks

Posted by on July 2nd,2009

Mr Robert Shuttleworth from Toronto, Canada makes some excellent steampunk machines and miniature robots too!

The creation depicted here is a “remake of a heater to a web cam with 1890s optics yields Alice Through the Looking Glass style view,” according to the artist. Combined, it makes for sheer brilliance, don’t you agree? It goes to show that even the most modern of technologies can be appropriately styled for our tastes.

Click here to read more about this particular contraption, or visit Mr Shuttleworth’s blog for more.

“9” Another Sneak Peak

Posted by on June 26th,2009

The nice people producing the motion picture “9” have given us another morsel from the forthcoming film:


About 5 Voiced by Academy Award nominee John C. Reilly, 5 is a caring, nurturing engineer – the loyal, big-hearted “common man” who always tries to play the peacemaker. He is also an apprentice of 2, with whom he shares a special bond.

Insider Trivia Screenwriter Pamela Pettler previously co-wrote the animated hits “Monster House” and Tim Burton’s “Corpse Bride.”

Can’t get enough of 9? –       Meet the Scientist at –       Explore the Scientists Lab at –       Watch the trailer at –       Visit on your cell phone at –       Sign up for mobile alerts by texting ‘9″ to 4FOCUS (436287) –       Be sure to download the reader by texting ‘READER’ to 4FOCUS (436287) so you can decipher the secret messages on the street and gain access to exclusive content! –       Secret Tip: Comic Con 2009!

Be sure to stay alligned with this transmission for further tidbits from this film!

 Pheobsky writes:


The Science museum (London) is running a poll to decide which out of “10 scientific objects that changed the world” is most favoured in the world- All of the things have a little spiel on them, and inventions include items such as Stevenson’s Rocket, the model T ford and the electric telegraph. It also includes some more recent inventions/discoveries such as penicillin, but compared to the steamy goodness of a clanking engine belching fire and steam, what chance do a couple of microbes have ? See the poll here:

House of Secrets Incorporated

Posted by on April 20th,2009

House of Secrets Incorporated is the independent designers identity of a Miss Hilde Heyvaert from Belgium, who specializes in original and custom-made steampunk outfits that should agree to any type of steampunk enthusiast!

The lovely photograph above show several items from her “Steampunk Adventurer” wardrobe. Besides the goggles (“Girl Genius”), aviator hat (“‘t Amerikaantje”), belts (“Moda Stoffen”) and boots (“Schuh”), all clothes depicted are custom made, combined to produce an attractive outfit that breaths both steampunk and adventure.


The CHAP Magazine

Posted by on February 8th,2009

Although not strictly Steampunk, the Chap Magazine harks back to a time when men were men, and women were mysterious creatures that were to be worshipped and feared in equal measure.


This bi-monthly publication is always a joy to read, and features very strongly the sartorial qualities that  intersect with Steampunk- to wit: hats, tweeds, grooming and facial hair.

A forthcoming issue is to feature a feature on Steampunk, we will endeavour to keep you updated as and when this issue appears.

More details may be found at:

The Chap Magazine

Clive Batkin’s Creations

Posted by on November 20th,2008

Clive Batkin is a new (and hopefully upcoming) steampunk artist of whom we proudly display two perfectly stylish creations here.

The first image depicts a steampunk desk lamp called “The Optimus” by Mr Batkin, after the Swedish-made brass stove that forms the base of the lamp. Simple and beautiful, “The Optimus” should perfectly complement any steampunk enthusiast’s desk–and we want one too!

Depicted besides the lamp is a steampunk desk fan created in similar style. Mr Batkin explains that, “construction centered around lots of copper pipe,” with “some of the beautiful newly designed UK one penny coins” used as end caps and decoration, “and lots of random brass/copper bits and pieces here and there.” The result makes for an elegance pure and shining that represents the work of an undeniable new voice in steampunk style.

Steampunk Pics

Posted by on November 13th,2008

A new steampunk blog popped up fairly recently. Steampunk Pics provides the visitor with charming collection of steampunk imagery, always within a certain scope, be it “Steampunk Toys” or “Steampunk Star Wars” or “Zeppelins” or “Clockworks”.

As the author, Mr Tomasz Armatowski puts it: “I’m on a quest, browsing through the Internet in search of pictures.” A quest certainly successful, we dare say, for the blog is regularly updated to provide the steampunk enthusiast with a new selection of wonderful depictions!

Steam Gear Lab

Posted by on November 9th,2008

“Our goal is to design items of wonder that are as they would have been in The Time That Never Happened.” That is the motto of Steam Gear Lab, a small company that produces props and makeup effects and provides production design for film, stage and television. All their productions are hand-crafted by two infamous gentlemen, The Notorious Dr. Grymm and Professor Gauthier, Sociologist of the Strange.

We present here a modest selection of their fine work. Be sure to visit their Website for more!

Gatehouse Gazette #3

Posted by on November 9th,2008

Steampunk is all about “Playing Roles & Dressing-Up” with the third and holiday issue of the Gatehouse Gazette.

Read about the most stylish history maker, Beau Brummell, from Mr James Roberts or discover the glory of the Venetian Carnival in an article by Mr Joost van Ekris. Learn the life story of the first steampunk musician from the man behind Vernian Process himself, Mr Joshua Pfeiffer, and let Mr “Piecraft” teach you about the early history of the dieselpunk genre with the films Metropolis and Man With A Movie Camera.

Furthermore, we have an article about steampunk makeup by Miss Bérengère Couneson, two articles about steampunk role-playing as well as a Steampunk Wardrobe column about the “Airship Pirate” look all by Miss Hilde Heyvaert, reviews of Unhallowed Metropolis, Scarlet Traces and BioShock, plus a column by Professor Delphinius J.C. Tucker.

Click here to download and read it!

Just in the nick of time Brass Goggles has been informed of The Jules Verne Festival that runs from the 24th to the 26th of  October (this weekend in fact)…  Follow the link for a better explanation of the proposed events on offer…

The Jules Verne Festival