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Newcomers Industrial Dream Mills have released the prequel, introductory adventure to their new Steampunk system Steamfortress Victory on PDF. This adventure is fully playable and includes the necessary game rules, preset characters and scenarios for an “instant” gaming adventure, in the Steampunk vein.

“The year is 1895 and the discovery of a new alloy has sent an infant Industrial America into utter chaos. The Great Steam War has begun… Our country has been shattered into five hostile nations! The river and skies are being raided by airship privateers while clockwork illusionists bedazzle the masses with their own brand of trickery. And, as a monument to the rampant civil unrest, the steam fortress known as Victory rests on top of the ruins of the Columbian Exposition! Now, is the time to ask yourself… When the FUTURE is under pressure, what KIND of Steam American will you be?”

That’s the intro tagline, and a fitting one it is.

This RPG is very much in the Steampunk style. One of the more interesting aspects is the adaptation of the traditional RPG rules to add a definite Steampunk touch. As an example, character attributes are expressed in Steampunk terms. for example, “Iron” is a characters toughness,and fortitude, bonus points accumulated through winning rolls are called ‘Boiler Points”, and the combat cycle is termed  a “Cog”.

The RPG comes with several well defined preset characters, namely “Douglas “Old hat” Jackson, Captain of the Privateer airship “Impossible”” and his crew. All are firmly Steampunk, from backgrounds to ability and equipment. Well thought out, and all very playable, as well as easy to get “into character” with.

The prequel game comes with starting scenarios, that when played in sequence, outline the storyline. Rest assured, there is plenty of leeway in these scenarios, and while they may seem short, they can provide a fair bit of extended gameplay, in that there are any number of ways to play them out. I’ll not give any  of it away, save to say there are 7 well done “chapters” to run through, all including plenty of action, and opportunities for steamy heroics.

As a test, I turned some friends, who are hard core D&D gamers, and who are not Steampunks. After a few questions they dug out their dice pouches and got on with it.. Once midnight rolled around… Suffice to say they were hooked, and enjoying the game. They found it easy to get right into, and the scenarios well written. Not much more needs to be said, I think? Especially seeing as how they want to run through it again, with some ideas on where to take it in terms of playing out the chapters. Not a bad endorsement, especially from die-hard gamers. The artwork is also well done, from the cover, through to the character sketches.These add to the overall Steampunk feel of the game, and are a pleasant change from the run of the mill graphics one finds in too many of the “usual sort” of RPG games.. All in all, an excellent and very playable prequel, One only hopes there is more to come down the road. Check it out over at Steamfortress Victory ! Well worth your time.

New Steampunk RPG – Steamfortress Victory

Posted by on February 17th,2011

Industrial Dream Mills is developing  a brand new Steampunk RPG   “Steamfortress Victory” . Details can be found at: Steamfortress Victory We will be doing a full review in the near future, and info will be posted as we get it – so stay tuned.

New Steampunk MMPORG – “Pervagus”

Posted by on January 20th,2010

“After the destruction of the earths surface during the last War of Domination, not much was left of humanity as it was known. With only scrap metal and wood remaining, the few survivors have learned to adapt to their new way of life. As the years pass on, only a handful of the original survivors are left from the war.”

That’s how the storyline for a new free text based Browser-based MMPORG,  Pervagus,  reads (sic).

From their website (sic):

“Your first evaluation of  text based Browser based MMORPGs may be negative. Obviously the first thing you will notice is the graphics are usually not as exciting as a 3D world. Back in the day, Role Playing games were carried out with small groups of players with pencils, paper and alot of imagination.

The dawn of the 3D MMORPG has left us constantly seeking something more. True roleplaying starts with you and not just a character you you have created. As more games advance graphically we lose our creative imagination when we no longer need to draw images in our head. 3D MMORPGs are always at a loss when it comes to roleplaying the main reason being that everyone is only able to use and interact with the world the way it is setup, and it will forever be the same for years to come.

Pervagus is looking to change the way players look at browser based mmorpgs with a true ever changing environment where players like you can make a difference. Pervagus’s turn based group adventuring will leave everyone asking for more. We designed Pervagus to be played in Groups or Solo. Wether you are currently running a roleplaying campaign with your friends or are looking for a quick game on your lunch break we want to make this browser based mmorpg the best.”


The Clockwork Man is a beautifully illustrated hidden object game from Total Eclipse that is set in a Steampunk world. In the game, you follow aspiring engineer Miss Miranda Calomy and her clockwork companion Sprocket as they travel by airship from London across the seas to strange and exotic locations, all the while meeting and interacting with various characters,as they attempt to find and aid her grandfather, Cornelius. The game follows the normal hidden object style, requiring the player to locate objects on the screen. There are several types of hidden object scenes. The first type you’ll encounter are zoomable levels where you can get an up-close view of part of the stage. There are also scrollable scenes that feature a parallax effect with objects gliding across the screen. You use the controls at the bottom-center of the screen, the mouse wheel, or arrow keys to zoom in and out or scroll left and right. There are also a handful of unique mini-puzzles, requiring combining objects and using them,all of which fit the game’s steampunk setting very well.


The Clockwork Man is a truly beautiful game graphically. Every item,and scene is drawn in great detail, even the intermediate loading screens have the look and feel of Victorian wallpaper.



A unique feature is the “Hint System”. Sprocket, Miranda’s C3-PO-like sidekick, can offer different hints, depending on what “upgrade module” is installed, but each hint costs energy, and it takes time for Sprocket to “recharge”, thus making the use of hints a strategic part of the game. If there is one downside to The Clockwork Man, it would be that it is rather on the short side, with only three chapters. All in all, though, for any Steampunk who likes the hidden object style of game, this one is a winner. A demo that allows for 60 minutes of playtime may be downloaded from

Edge of Twilight

Posted by on July 2nd,2009

Edge of Twilight is an upcoming steampunk fantasy video game, developed by Fuzzyeyes Studios for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

“The story of the Edge of Twilight,” writes Mr Finch Adelbrecht, “is about a fantasy world after the Rift, an occurrence that split the world into two separate realms of Day and Night. In this post-apocalyptic world the player takes on the role of Lex, a bounty hunter. He gets caught in the clash between two civilizations, the Atherns and the Lithern. In a battle over a vast energy source, the Lithern became imprisoned and even the victims of genocide at the hands of the Atherns. Presumably, no Lithern survived. Lex is the sole surviving halfbreed in the world, which gives him the unique ability to travel between the Day and Night realms. This ability will become the world’s only chance to avoid falling into darkness forever.”

Be sure to visit the game’s website (which makes for quite an interactive experience in itself) to view a trailer, screenshots and concept art. The game is scheduled for release later this year.

“Damnation” Timberclad PS3

Posted by on June 21st,2009
maduncle writes from the Antipodes:
A long time ago in a basement far, far away…
Mr. Jake of All Trades faces the daunting task of building the ultimate gaming PC for the launch of the new Steampunk themed game ‘Damnation’ and also knock up a modified PS3 in the same genre.
Both items were to be prizes for the launch of the game – with budding steampunkers invited to dress steampunk to win the PC, or draw their own version of a mooded PS3 to win one.
In order to give the PC his full attention, Jake kindly offered me the work modding the PS3 – which I accepted with honor.
So – a Sony Playstation PS3 arrives on my doorstep from the US, all sleek and black an minimalist – time to change that.
I went with a wood veneer finish trimmed with brass, as this was something I could fit to the curved outside of the PS3 without too much trouble. One thing about modding the PS3, it all had to be done from the outside with no internal access – otherwise all warrantees are voided!
So, the wood veneer went on and I fitted it with locating pins for the items to be fitted on to the wood. These include an old radio valve, a pipe valve, a pressure gauge, assorted brass plumbing parts and some trim. The wood veneer was then aged with a few coats of varnish.
Once all parts were fitted, I needed to change the look of the remaining plastic, so I applied some Porters ‘Liquid Iron’ and then treated this with Porters ‘Instant Rust’. This applies well to plastic as long as there is a good etch primer under it first.
Final addition was a hand cut 3D Damnation logo – supplied loose so the customer could place it where he thought it looked best.

[youtube][/youtube] The Winterbottom universe is a macabre Victorian landscape full of unfamiliar proportions and quirky obstacles. The Winterbottom art style is inspired by the work of writer/illustrator Edward Gorey and silent film greats Harold Lloyd, Buster Keaton, and Charlie Chaplin. Our gluttonous hero, P.B. Winterbottom, exists within a distinctly 1920’s city complete with back alleys, tall buildings, and of course a clock tower. Enter a macabre and comical silent film world filled with mischief, time travel, and delicious pie. Record yourself and harness your time bending abilities to cooperate, compete against, and disrupt your past, present, and future selves. Winterbottom’s debut misadventures present whimsical spin on the notions of time, space, and play. Mr. P.B. Winterbottom is a villainous gentleman with a predilection for pies. Swiping the mysterious Cherry Chronoberry pie changed everything for our beloved Winterbottom.One bite made him more than an ordinary pie-grabbing humbug. That first taste changed him into something quite extraordinary, granting him the ability to break the rules of time. With these newfound time recording tricks up his cufflink, and with the help of his time clones, Winterbottom can now snatch pies with the greatest of ease. But on his journey to devour every pie, Winterbottom must mind the signs. the perils of being unstuck in time.

Create Your Own Paradox for the Love of Pie!

Isembard Kickass Brunel and Co.

Posted by on May 28th,2008

Isembard Kickass Brunel, Steampunk miniature

Mr Curtis of Ramshackle Games creates miniatures for the squad based tabletop game, Nuclear Renaissance.  A post apocalyptic setting, Nuclear Renaissance has gangs and tribes of people of various styles – and some of them are wonderfully Steampunk.  The most wonderful of these is the above “Isembard Kickass Brunel“, engineer without peer and visionary for a better post apocalyptic future of aquaducts, bridges and railways!  (The real Isembard Kingdom Brunel was larger than life too!)

But there are problems, of course, and some people aren’t sitting idly by while Kickass-B rebuilds and so he needs to defend himself and his creations, using his giant mechanical Huntsman Spider Tank!  Perhaps he’ll encounter the Society of Intrepid Explorers – the most interesting of which much surely be the top-hatted and knife handed Mr Sniketty and his scientist friend, Oliver Sprocket.  Thank you Mr Curtis – better late than never!

London 1888

Posted by on May 23rd,2008

Blood, Backstabs, Bluff are the 3B’s of that wonderful French game. Part-board, part-role playing, part card, London 1888 is really a great social game in which each player is suspected to be Jack the Ripper and has to find out who is the real Whitechapel murderer before the last prostitute is sliced. Hours of game ahead of you. Riots, fog, rain and bobbies (and of course your game mates) will try to stop your quest for identity by any mean necessary. This game is not Steampunk strictly speaking, but a quick look at the design will appeal to any XIXth century lover. The board is brilliant and the cards are simply beautiful. Even the rule book is great! You can also have a look at the website which has an awesome design and its forum. An english version should be released soon.

Bioshock on the Silver Screen

Posted by on May 23rd,2008

Bioshock, showing Little Sister and Big Daddy

Bioshock – by many regarded as one of the best first person shooter games ever made, is a game available for PC and Xbox 360 which was discussed at length at the Steampunk Forum upon release. Since the story is set in an alternative 1960 in an underwater city built in 1946 it’s strictly speaking not at all Steampunk – more art deco, but with a lot of steampunk flavour added by the dystopic atmosphere, odd gadgetry, mad science and of course the design of the Big Daddy diving suits.

Universal has recently embarked on a project to turn the game into a motion picture, enlisting Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Carribean, The Ring) at the helm. Mr Verbinsk has announced he wants John Logan (The Aviator, Sweeney Todd, The Time Machine) to write the screenplay and the filming is to begin as soon as the screenplay is finished.

For those unfamiliar with the plot of Bioshock it’s basically about exploring the underwater city of Rapture in search of it’s founder. Rapture is a society ruled by the objectivist principles of Ayn Rand, a once thriving laissez-faire capitalist paradise now emptied following a civil war. The storyline has also borrowed elements from Ayn Rand’s fictional work.