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Hailed by New Zealand’s National Radio as the pioneer of a new sound, Jordans music has been variously described as “industrial folk”, “folk noir” and “Antipodean Steampunk” yet defies any cut and dried description. Imagine a 19th Century Nine Inch Nails banging on old iron and steam powered machines, combined with the Dead Can Dance’s electronic folk soundscapes and Sinead Oconnor’s vocals in the background.

Jordan combines pioneer-era industrial found sound, with folk instrumentation and etherial vocal melodies. She usually writes “concept” albums with stories, old and new, told song by song. This means it makes sense to hear them whole. For that reason, her first 4 CDs are available via the discography listing on her Webpage for private listening purposes. Her Blog “the secret life of machines” is also read-worthy.

I’ve listened to her latest release, and I would have to agree with professional reviewers, her new release “How the Dead Live” is original, dark, and very, very powerful. One reviews states that this release is ” A soundtrack to the cinema of unease”. What more can I add?  Have a listen.

Worth checking out.

Dr.Steel – “Childhood Don’t A-Go-Go” official music video (EDIT – Its been moved – replacement link asap)

Check it out over here – Dr.Steel Fan Club

It looks like the good Doctor’s quest to build a complete band of robots have come to fruition in this great new video which features diabolical toys, a secret underground lair and (of course) Doctor Steel himself!

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Sunday Driver Steampunk Contest

Posted by on April 23rd,2010

The wonderful Steampunk band Sunday Driver is having a contest .

You stand to win two copies of the bands album In the City of Dreadful Night (one for your best mate!), a vintage signed poster from their first ever Steampunk gig, one of only 5 remaining copies of the 2003 promo ‘More Than Flies’. Sacred Cow their 2001 compilation of demos from the early period, as well as MP3s of the bands entire back catalog… also some great memorabilia such as old flyers and some lovely Indian jewelery

The ones who shall judge you are the band, Rainbow Joe,my self Evelyn Kriete of Gilded Age Records , Allegra of Steampunk Magazine and Major Tinker & Lady Elsie of The Asylum Lincoln

So enter the contest, help the band and win some great things.

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Our friends,, tipped us off to the Deadly Nightshade Botanical Society‘s  CD release party for Accoutrements and Oddities.  If you’re in the Seattle, WA area this Saturday — check ‘em out!

reduced image of Deadly Nightshade Botanical Society flyer

Some more Steampunk Music to consider.

Posted by on December 10th,2009

Today’s offering is the RPM Orchestra.

As heard over the aether (courtesy of The Clockwork Cabaret) this sums it up nicely -

“Upon first listen, I got maybe three – probably two – tracks into it and then skipped ahead a couple tracks and skipped ahead a couple tracks and then took it out and threw it underneath a chair… and then I picked it back up about a week and a half later and I listened to it and I thought, “This is one of the most amazing pieces of work that I have ever heard.” It gets its hands dirty and greasy with all of the steampunk aesthetic. It’s very rare that you find a piece of music that just floors you. I think it’s pretty brilliant what he’s done.”

The Clockwork Cabaret

Sunday sounds so great.

Posted by on December 6th,2009

It has been written that there is the whole world to play with when you wish to do steampunk. This band “Sunday Driver” is a WONDERFUL example of that as well as just some of the best new music I have heard in a long time.

Give there new album “In the City of Dreadful Night” a go here :

In the City of Dreadful Night

In the City of Dreadful Night

They look as good as they sound

The band

The band

There music is just wonderful and a fantastic example of Steampunk music and style. -Evelyn

Looking for some Music?

Posted by on October 21st,2009

Then have a gander at the latest site to feature Steampunk (and other ) genre music. The PhonoVault is a new sales site, devoted to Avante-Garde, Dark Roots, Steampunk, Dieselpunk, Balkan/Gypsy music, Hokum Blues, Victoriana, Chamber Pop, Cabaret, Gothic Country, and Neo-Vaudeville. PhonoVault currently has online stores catering to both the US and UK, carrying an eclectic mix of music. Stop by and have a look.

The PhonoVault

(submitted via email by TinkerGirl)

A Dubious Free Gift….

Posted by on October 2nd,2008


I am aware of how popular the portable communication device is with people today, personally I find them to be an appalling concept, (the device not the people …)

Should one have the misfortune to find ones self in the thrawl of such an item the least one can do is to make it a little more socially acceptable…

Why not use this portentous piece of whimsey as your message alert…?

I am told (by a young person) that it is an mp3 file….

Now tell me…

What exactly was wrong with the wax cylinder….?


Abney Park, Live at The Edison Club

Posted by on May 23rd,2008

Abney Park at The Edison Steampunk Event

This Sunday (25th of May) there is going to be a bit of a ‘perfect storm’ of Steampunk in LA – Abney Park (one of the best known Steampunk bands in existance) will be playing at The Edison bar (possibly the most beautiful Steampunk locale in the world) and are rumoured be accompanied by two of the brightest and best loved Steampunk creating celebrities around.  (I’m not sure I’m allowed to mention who the gents are, but I know they’ll probably tell me off for calling them celebrities!  Sorry, Sirs.)  There’ll also be high-flying aerialists and the highly regarded DJ Imagika.

Abney Park, Live at The Edison, then – it sounds fantastic.  I’m told there are still tickets to be had, and that it’ll be strictly age 21+ (that’s Earth years), and that this will hopefully be just one of many future Steampunk events held at The Edison in future.  I know in previous posts we’ve wondered if the clientele at The Edison could be as wonderful to look at as the event, but I can very quickly cast that doubt aside knowing the lineup as I now do!  To those who go – I am quite envious, please report back and do take photies!

Cup of Brown Joy – Tea-Rap

Posted by on April 28th,2008


Odd as it may seem, this video is surprisingly catchy – it shows the irrepressible Mr Elemental waxing lyrical about his preferred beverage, tea. Clad in his pith helmet and more than a little wide-eyed from rather a lot of caffine, and accompanied by a gyrating lady and his phonograph-spinning butler, he comes across as a little strange, but well – he’s just very keen on tea. Around the world in 80 brews – herbal? No thanks. Thanks instead go to Mr Alexander Edmund Clough for his excellent taste in videos.