Looking for some Last minute Steampunk gift ideas?  A Kickstarter Project Has these beauteous playing cards.  They are over 100% funded and will be closing in 4 days. So if you enjoy the design you’ll need to act fast to jump on this project.  You’ll need to support the project with at least $20.00 USD to get one white deck and one black deck.  The lower tiers only offer you a discount in buying the decks.

Expect to see more Steampunk Gift ideas as we get closer to Christmas!


A Steampunk Homestead

Posted by on November 17th,2011

[For those keeping score at home, this is the second update in as many weeks!  From here on out, we’ll be trying our hardest to bring you unique Steampunk news once a week! — s.sprocket]

“A man’s home is his castle” is the phrase that comes to mind.  Your Castle, YOUR place.  It should be reflective of the lifestyle of you and those who live within it.  No surprise then that we get threads in Tactile like this one where folks talk about steaming up the home.

Many Steampunk apartments can be found with a simple Google search. This apartment for example made it to many blogs and even news broadcasts.  The question becomes then, has anyone ever tried this on a larger scale?  Or more importantly, Has anyone ever attempted to “live the life” as well as the aesthetic? Click more to find out!


Steampunk: History beyond Imagination






On a Rainy day, I picked up my girl and we went to downtown Anaheim where we found a delightful museum that had a banner that made my head snap as I was looking for parking. “Steampunk?!” Says I. Well then, this date just got interesting.

Inside, you’ll find exhibits from a few of your fellow Brass Gogglers! Sadly I did not get pictures of the artifacts on display due to photography rules at the Museum, but I can say I was impressed with the collection.

Also at the Muzeo, there’s a great exhibit on the Victorian Era including Oil Paintings, Books, Gentlemen’s Canes, Firearms, and many other interesting items. It was an afternoon well spent, and I encourage any Steampunk within driving distance to Downtown Anaheim, California to head on out. The Exhibit is there until January 9th.

Information About the Exhibit: http://www.muzeo.org/exhibit_current.html

Directions and Hours: http://www.muzeo.org/visitor_info.html

Planet Steam – A German Board Game

Posted by on April 16th,2010

Hey there Gogglers,

One of my secret geeky pleasures is playing boardgames.  But I’m not talking about Monopoly or Clue.  I’m talking about German Boardgames.  Normally these games have been translated rather well into English, and it’s a challenging and fun way to pass some time with like minded friends.  Now of course, when I saw a Steampunk boardgame from accross the room, I was drawn to it,  however upon closer inspection I realized this game would be more challenging than most, because it was a direct import and the whole box was in German.

Click the “more” link below for more pictures and description:


Hark, a vagrant!

Posted by on April 6th,2010

Hey there Gogglers,

I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with Hark, a vagrant.  It is a great web comic written by Kate Beaton, I discovered the comic when Kate filled in recently for Penny Arcade.  Although not all of her comics are Steampunk, some like this one on Charles Babbage, this one on Captain Nemo, and the current page on Tesla (and this older one on Tesla), certainly fit the bill.

In fact I highly recommend using the easy to flip through Archive.


–Shaunathan Sprocket (s.sprocket)

Steampunk Culture in Spain!

Posted by on February 11th,2010


I literally just stumbled upon this having met the webmaster last night at a party.  For anyone planning travel to, or who may live in Barcelona, they have your fix over at Steampunk SP!


Also direct link to their Spanish Language Steampunk forum:


This struck my eye back in December but I’m afraid I was lazy and I never mentioned it, so here we are!

The Volcania Volunteers are some incredible artists for design junkies like myself.  First off they have a very nice looking site:  http://www.vulcaniavolunteers.com/

They are an organization which provides highly accurate models of items and diagrams of Harper Goff’s Nautilus (the one from the Disney movie 20,000 leagues under the sea).

Taken from the news on their site:

“For the past 30+ years, Harper Goff’s Nautilus has been rendered in many forms & styles, but not accurately And never as if she were an actual, fully functional vessel of that era. A new approach was long over-due & is at the core of the V.V.’s – reason for being.

When & where Nautilus models are concerned, …there are some fairly good models of the Harper Goff’s Nautilus readily available, but the V.V. take issue with the complete lack of progress or initiative to improve – beyond utilizing the original pre-production Disney-Plans.

Using the original ‘Dsiney’ plans – never fails to result in a slightly misshaped Nautilus, that is also missing crucial details. And we’re Not merely ‘rivet-counting’ – Discerning eyes, recognize the shortfall of Plans-Boats. (modelmaker’s term: for most commercial Nautilus models) The Hero & other Nautilus models in the film do Not match the Disney plans, …so how could using the Wrong plans – result in the making of a good & accurate model?

Simply put… The Vulcania Volunteers intend to Change for the Better, the way people look at & appreciate – Harper Goff’s Nautilus!”

Well worth a look.  Sorry for no pictures on our post.  I forgot to ask for permission and didn’t want to break any copyright laws.

This has been Shaunathan Sprocket reporting from under the sea.


Shaunathan Sprocket here helping out Harold in this season of giving.  So, you’ve made and sent your Victorian Christmas cards,  and you’ve decorated your Christmas tree in true Steampunk fashion, now what?  Well my good Ladies and Gentlemen in a tradition as old as old Fezzywig himself, I present to you, The Christmas Party!

Dickens and Steampunk go together like Brass and Leather, so why not combine the two for a Steampunk Christmas experience your guests won’t soon forget.  Click the link below for some helpful tips on creating your own party.


It’s hard to mass produce craftsmanship

Posted by on November 25th,2009

Many who would seek to profit from Steampunk without practicing the culture themselves  are often frustrated that they can’t put “Steampunk-in-a-box” and sell it on store shelves.  As many of our readers know;  a top hat, goggles, and a waistcoat do not a steampunk make.  It is what inside that defines the culture.

That doesn’t stop folks from trying though.  After you click the continue link there is an example of people trying to sell you Steampunk, and actual Steampunk.   Let’s see if you can taste the difference: (more…)

New Advances in Cake Miniaturization

Posted by on November 24th,2009

While it seems that just last October we were raving about how through advanced edible mechanics we were able to enjoy a 3 layer mechanical wedding cake.  My friends I am here to inform you that even as I type this cake technology is growing by leaps and bounds.



This masterpiece comes to us from Babycakes.  Though I still wonder of the potential delicious factor of fresh maple and brass, I am assured by my friends that the goodness quality of this pastry is not to be denied.

Another image of the cake showing the upper portion is in order!


**links courtesy of haha.nu a lifestyle website. (who seem to dislike hot linking!)  Further proof that Steampunk is indeed a lifestyle and more than the sum of it’s parts.  And while you’re there check out this gondola system on Mount Hua in the People’s Republic of China!  Truly breathtaking!


We corrected the image problem, also here is yet ANOTHER steampunk cake!  I’m getting hungry now.  Newest cake courtesy of Hardware Sphere