I asked Stella to cover Teslacon since I couldn’t go and she has a wonderful write up after the break.


See her pictures Here:

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Lost Souls of the Asylum Now Available

Posted by on October 3rd,2012

Lost Souls of the Asylum is a Steampunk compilation forged in the bowels of our very own forum.  As seen Here , after submissions, editing, and publishing you may now aquire this fine collection.  The Asylum is in reference to the Asylum Steampunk Convention that takes place in the UK And you can find out more information about it on it’s main website.

As you can tell by the forum chain, this operation was choreographed by our own Arkwright.  I wanted to spotlight this work as a tremendous undertaking and a wonderful opportunity for  budding authors.

Arkwright tells the forum in post 137, there are plans for another volume.

The book is available online along with the previous two volumes of The Asylum Chronicles from http://thelastline.yolasite.com/online-store.php

Cast Chocolate using Brown Sugar

Posted by on September 14th,2012

Well we had sex, so naturally the second great human obsession, Chocolate, had to be represented.  This has many Steampunk applications for the Steampunk Baker.  I’ve watched friends spend hours making gears out of Fondant.  Now you could just get a real gear (don’t forget to wash it and sanitize it), and make solid chocolate gears! Click here to start casting.








Tesla Museum Project over 1M funded!

Posted by on August 24th,2012

This just in from the Oatmeal.  Let me say that it’s about time!   I’m off to go feed some Pigeons.


-Sprocket out.




Not to be outdone by our amazing Website Administrator Proteus, as Content Administrator I felt I should probably jump on the update band wagon!

I found this amazing little find today for those who are on the maker side of Steampunk.  Should your project require use of a sync cable for an iPod, iPhone, or iPad, I found this ready-made solution for you.  It also happens to be about $5.00(USD) less than the apple product.

Head on down to Eastern Collective and have a look.  While your at it, if you need other cabling ideas check our forum thread located Here .

So I’m a little shocked that our friends at Abney Park and Vernian Process did not mention to me that they will both be appearing at a venue called Steamstock on October 7th in Richmond, CA.

To be honest, I didn’t know Steamstock was even a thing until I came accross it in Steampunk Facebook Page ( Found by Clicking Here ).



Details about Steamstock can be found by going to http://www.steamstock.org/


The 2012 Steampunk Comic-Con Party

Posted by on July 13th,2012

Sadly, we’ve had some issues logging in to make blog posts lately, but here, at the 11th hour, we’ve got it fixed and I can tell you about an event going down tonight in San Diego, should you happen to be there.


It’s called the 2012 Steampunk Comic-con Party and it will be held at the San Diego Automotive Museum.  This is to celebrate it’s new exhibit opening.  There will be light fare as well  as beverages available.  There is also some musical entertainment.  For all the details click the link below:





Steampunk Spiderman

Posted by on July 9th,2012

I have to admit, it’s a nice idea.


Who speaks for dead 19th century authors?  Diani, Devine, and Steampunks do!  In a horrible twist of events, the publishing company that currently has the rights to publish Huck Finn, decided to replace the N-word with “Slave”.  This is Literary Graffiti, and to change a word that was placed there by purpose to make people ask questions goes against the spirit of History.

Mark Twain was a humorist however, and so Diani & Devine think that if he were alive today, he would fight this butchering of his story with comedy.  So using the logic of the book butchers they shall replace the offensive word “slave” with a more pleasing one, “ROBOT”.   (Click more to get details to the launch party)


This handsome fellow is a 3 inch vinyl replica of the man who literally invented the Modern Age, second only to Charles Babbage and but one step above Isambard Kingdom Brunel in my book.  Nikola Tesla deserves a place of honor in a Steampunk Home.  He runs $6.45 which isn’t a bad price.

As for a brief review on him.  I only have two complaints.  1. Why is he only 3 inches tall?  I would love for this to be about 6 to 7 inches tall.   2. Why is this not a lamp!  His glowing ball of Florescent light should be spewing it’s Alternating Current of Justice to illuminate my desk!

Find him here: At Neato Shop