Victorian Venture Bros!

Posted by on August 13th,2008

I’m not sure if anyone else here is a fan of the show The Venture Bros. (Super Scientists and Victorianists meet occasionally, I’m sure!), but the episode on August 10th – ORB (spoilers) – had a lovely little Steampunk interlude. Not only were characters on an airship, being attacked by Nikola Tesla, but the group was a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen-esque group, composed of a lovely swath of Victoriana.

Of course, I’m a sucker for well-done League references, but I also rather liked the architecture of the airship itself. It’s in a similar vein as the Three Rings Design submarine-office, that we’ve discussed previously, as well as the sheer beauty of DisneySea’s Mysterious Island.


Steampunk On One’s Commute

Posted by on June 15th,2008

By golly, I love seeing steampunk in the everyday, even if it is a country that I don’t live in. This particular photograph, taken by anesterik, is taken in the Arts & Métiers metro station in Paris. The Musée des Arts + Metiers is a deliciously fun museum, full of Victorian machines, laboratories, and amazing industrial creations. (Mentioned before, here.)

What is particularly neo-Victorian, however, is the métro station leading to the museum. Redesigned relatively recently, it was made with the fullest intention to look like the interior of a Verne-esque submersible. I love that it is so evocative, with the brass walls, the portholes and the simplicity of the gears in the ceiling. If only I could walk through this station every day…

Spats are, as any good Victorianist (or neo-Victorianist) knows, an lovely addition to one’s wardrobe, for reasons beginning with “rows of buttons” and ending with “style and panache.” A few tutorials on how to make your own are floating around the æther, including one in Steampunk Magazine Issue 3, page 38, which has a pattern, which is ever-so-helpful. Of course, each set of spats should be made for the individual legs, so if you do venture cutting out your own, measure, make a mock-up, and fit it to you.

However, if you don’t feel up to creating them yourself, I cannot recommend a pair more covet-worthy than this leather pair with delicate cut-outs by Les Frivolites. Simply stunning just to look at, let alone wear, and they have lovely detailing like ribbons lacing up the back, which you can see here. Excuse me while I sit and stare…

Mock Mutated Mammalian Fœtuses!

Posted by on May 17th,2008

I love hand-made Steampunk-ery that still manages to look great on display – it’s one of the reason I love cruising Etsy‘s Steampunk categories. Ergo, I offer up another craft, but this one is a bit more twisted.

In a similar vein as the Lycanthropy Remedy Kit and Alex CF‘s specimen & exploration kits, these mutated (6 legs!) mammalian fœtuses sealed in specimen jars have been lovingly created by Baron Andrew von Fogel. Deliciously creepy! If you’re interested in more, do find your way here, which contains more pictures, including ones of the fœtuses sans jars, where they look (amusingly) like tiny crustaceans, and pricing, should you be so inclined to purchase one.

It would look perfectly at home one’s Cabinet of Curiosities, no?

Steampunk Decorative Tiles

Posted by on May 14th,2008

zeppelin tile from odd inq

While on the quest for Steampunk-themed décor for my humble abode, I found myself at the RISD [ Rhode Island School of Design ] Alumni Art Sale, and stumbled upon these delicious tiles, created by Jon White at Odd Inq. There are 26 tiles total – of course! – and each one is a rather unexpected take on the letter, including G for Gravestone, I for Industry, and V for Vault.

I personally own A for Alligator & Z for Zeppelin, whose juxtaposition I particularly enjoy.

See the full tile set here or visit his website, for other ceramic goods he’s created.