Taste the Justice of the Steampunk!

Posted by on October 2nd,2008

Lobster Johnson

Mike Mignola’s Hellboy stories have always had healthy doses of Steampunk. With Iron Prometheus, the first Lobster Johnson collection, the Hellboy world has taken another stride into the world of wonderfully clunky mad science which we all love.


Soon I Will Be Invincible

Posted by on October 2nd,2008

I recently finished reading Soon I Will Be Invincible by Austin Grossman. This is a fine novel. I love superheroes, and any novel that includes the line “I fought for prize money in unlicensed hero fights in Bangkok” gets my vote. That line does a good job of summing up the story: it’s a more realistic look at the spandex-and-cape world. Some people have called it a parody or a satire, and while it’s funny at parts, it never feels like it’s making fun of superheroes.  It loves being a superhero story and embraces it wholeheartedly. If you like superheroes or just want a good, quirky read, I highly recommend it.

The story follows the world’s greatest villain, Doctor Impossible, as he breaks out of jail for the twelfth time and tries once again to take over the world. It also follows a young cyborg, Fatale, as she joins the world’s greatest team of superheroes and tries to fit in.

But why am I mentioning it in a Steampunk blog? (more…)

A good chum of came across this interesting page of antique dive suits and various submarine designs from different eras. It’s quite a mixed bag, but some of the pictures are downright fascinating.

And while we’re both here, you may be interested in some of these interesting Steampunk works I found on DeviantArt. All of them safe for work, I assure you. I do apologize if these have been posted before. I hope, if such is the case, that you will feel that they are worth seeing twice.

Two steampunk robots and a steam-driven bicycle

Two more cartoonish steampunk robots

A steampunk countess with fan and goggles

Mighty steam-powered war machines

Another steampunk lady, this one in a library

A steampunk explorer ready for action with his elephant gun, clockwork armguard, and monkey

An enormous steampunk robot being inspected

If you have some art you wish to share, perhaps the comments would be a good place to do so? Thank you for your time, and I hope there was something here that you enjoyed.

First Men in the Moon

Tell me what you think of this premise: An international team of astronauts lands on the Moon in the 1960’s. While exploring their landing site, they come across a dusty Union Flag and a scrip of paper claiming the moon in the name of Her Majesty Queen Victoria, in the Year of Our Lord Eighteen Hundred and Ninety-Nine.

A rather stellar premise, wot? If you think this premise is as good as I did, you may be tempted to seek out the 1964 film H.G. Wells’ First Men in the Moon. A word in your ear before you do so: the movie fails to live up to its premise. Gadzooks, does it fail.


Before I begin my review, I should mention that I met Wil Wheaton at SuperCon on Sunday and told him about Brass Goggles. When I asked him what he thought of Steampunk, he told me to pass on to all of you that he loves it, especially the Steampunk aesthetic and the Victorian feel of it. This just proves once again that Wil Wheaton is awesome. Now, on to the review…

Having noticed that our fearless leader had previously mentioned Last Exile but hadn’t had time to view the whole series, I took it upon myself to sit and observe so that I could provide a concise review to you, my fellow Brass Gogglers.

As the heavenly bodies shift in their spheres, making their eternal music, they occasionally come into alignment, and that alignment can have a major effect on our lives. Recently, the spheres aligned so that I spent my evenings in front of my computational engine, watching a programme until I had exhausted its line entirely. The elements brought into alignment were:

  • Consecutive image magic lantern shows from the mysterious Orient, also known as “Anime series;”
  • Steampunk, which you, my esteemed colleagues, are all familiar with;
  • Dr. Cornelius Netflix’s “Watch It Now” device

When these three things came together, they formed a phenomenon known as “Last Exile.” Add to it a projected rating of over four stars on Dr. Netflix’s “Rate-O-Scale” and I really had no choice but to watch the show. (more…)