Dr.Steel – “Childhood Don’t A-Go-Go” official music video (EDIT – Its been moved – replacement link asap)

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It looks like the good Doctor’s quest to build a complete band of robots have come to fruition in this great new video which features diabolical toys, a secret underground lair and (of course) Doctor Steel himself!

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2D Goggles

We all know about Charles Babbage, creator of the Difference Engine, the predecessor to the modern computer, and Ada Lovelace, the world’s first computer programmer. Did you know that they built mammoth difference engines the size of  buildings, fought crime, encountered salamander people, battled with the economy, fought off the alien invasion of 1898, raced steam engines with Brunel, raged against poetry and street musicians and made lengthy discourses about cheese? No? Well, then, time to educate yourself with this wonderful webcomic by professional animator Sydney Padua called 2D Goggles. You can read the webcomic here.

Dr. Grordbort’s Infallible Aether Oscillators & Other Marvelous Contraptions, that incredible factory of rayguns made by our friends at Weta Workshop in New Zealand, has created two beautiful new rayguns for sale. Pictured above is Lord Cockswain’s Ray-Blunderbuss “The Unnatural Selector” which should be more than enough for one wishing to go on an interplanetary safari. This beauty is quite the beast in terms of size! Follow the jump for a picture that documents the size of this thing as well as a picture of the other new “Infallible Aether Oscillator,” the Goliathon 800 Moon Hater Death Ray! We would also like to thank Dr. Grodbort’s for generously linking to our humble blog!


Mouse of our Steampunk Forum has searched in vain all over the internet for Steampunk wallpapers. Finding a shortage, he she decided to amend that by creating SteampunkWallpaper.com. She has started this project with the ambitious idea to create a wallpaper a day for a year. She has many so far, yetshe is on the lookout for new ideas! So, she is asking the good citizens of the internet for new ideas for steampunk wallpaper! You can visit her thread at our forum about the topic here.

The Sound to Light Machine

Posted by on May 24th,2008


JingleJoe of our Steampunk Forum has come up with this rather whimsicle “dohicky” that converts audio waves into light. He created it using a circuit that he also made that makes the LEDs in the valves light up. I particularly like the fact that it turns on via a wind-up key. This would be perfect for any nocturnal steampunk-themed party!

More images of this device can be found in JingleJoe’s post to the Steampunk Forum here.

Airships were once the kings of the skies. High above the Earth, passengers could enjoy a level of comfort that is almost unimaginable to anyone who has ever flown in today’s cramped airliners. They can also be very handy for transporting huge amounts of cargo across vast distances. This has attracted the eye of the United States’ Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and they have come up with a concept called the Walrus.

The Walrus is designed to be a 1000 foot long heavier-than-air vehicle that can carry 500-1000 tons of cargo or 1,800 infantry and their supplies. Worldwide Aeros is one of the contractors for this project and they are also planning a civilian version. A demonstration involving smaller prototypes will happen sometime this year.

Unfortunately the future of the Walrus project looks uncertain due to yearly budget concerns. Which is a shame. I hope Worldwide Aeros continues with their concept of a civilian airship. I never enjoyed riding in the cramped, uncomfortable airliners. I dream of taking a journey and enjoying the comforts of a large (and properly steampunk-styled) airship, such as enjoying the sunsets from a promenade thousands of feet in the air and dining in grand ballrooms. Truly a grand dream for any steampunk!

Thanks to William Whitney for suggesting this article on Damn Interesting about the Walrus, though it’s now from quite some time ago.

Haruo Suekichi from Japan, whose stunning gallery of steampunk watches was previously featured on Brass Goggles, has now offered a few of his designs for sale at Chief Mag! These two beautifully handcrafted watches are available in two designs, male and female. Unfortunately these will be among the rarest of rares, for there will only be two of each for sale, and will cost a pretty penny. The male design costs $1200, while the female design costs $800. Let’s hope Mr. Suekichi makes more!

The PMOG, The Passively Multiplayer Online game, has just launched. This is a new type of online game that uses the internet as the game-world. Players can create quests that have you journey from webpage to webpage, avoiding traps, earning badges and discovering treasure that you can use gain new items and bonuses for your “avatar”. What’s even better is that this game has a wonderful steampunk look that adds a whimsical touch to everyday web-browsing. They have truly created what some in the steampunk community call “the Aethernet”. The only things that are missing are airships and internet-kraken.

The PMOG currently only works on Firefox.