Steampunk Flying Olympics

Posted by on April 28th,2010

I have come up with something that might be crazy or might be wonderful fun. If you are game then speak up , come forward and lets have some good friendly sport.

All that could be can be read here :   Steampunk Flying Olympics

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Sunday Driver Steampunk Contest

Posted by on April 23rd,2010

The wonderful Steampunk band Sunday Driver is having a contest .

You stand to win two copies of the bands album In the City of Dreadful Night (one for your best mate!), a vintage signed poster from their first ever Steampunk gig, one of only 5 remaining copies of the 2003 promo ‘More Than Flies’. Sacred Cow their 2001 compilation of demos from the early period, as well as MP3s of the bands entire back catalog… also some great memorabilia such as old flyers and some lovely Indian jewelery

The ones who shall judge you are the band, Rainbow Joe,my self Evelyn Kriete of Gilded Age Records , Allegra of Steampunk Magazine and Major Tinker & Lady Elsie of The Asylum Lincoln

So enter the contest, help the band and win some great things.

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Vampires,Werewolves and Parasols

Posted by on March 11th,2010

Gail Carriger has taken it upon her self to give the world a Series of wonderful , whimsical and unique steampunk books.

Soulless (1)



The Parasol Protectorate Series books are comedies of manners set in Victorian London: full of vampires, dirigibles, and tea. If you have yet to pick up the first book in the set “Soulless“, now is the time to do so before you fall so far behind.

It also should be noted that Soulless can be nominated for a Hugo Award .

Steampunk Tales

Posted by on February 3rd,2010

Cover issue 5

It should be noted to one and all that there are now six issues of Steampunk Tales for you to own, love and read. A list of internationaln award winning authors grace us with their talent for each and every issue, all for the sake of your entertainment. The likes of Jay Lake, Phil Brucato, Catherynne M. Valente, David Wellington, Jillian Venters, G. D. Falksen and many more. All have penned stories of steampunk and pulp just for you. Any electrical device that can download files can have this. So basically you now have something to read on the train, bus or wherever you are. No matter where, you can and will have your steampunk. If you have not been reading, now is your chance to catch up. All our back issues are always available for you any time you wish.

All here just for you

Recognize any thing?

Posted by on January 28th,2010

See the video here : Steamed or Whos art is who

Tonight it was discovered that the promotional video for Katie MacAlister’s new book “Steamed” (a steampunk romance novel now on the shelves at your local bookstore) included images by various artists who were not credited. Whoever put the video together failed to give proper recognition to the people whose art made it possible to create the video. It is up to the artists to contact the publisher and sort this out, but hopefully it can be resolved positively so that the artists can still benefit from having their work (properly credited) available to such a wide potential audience.

In the meantime, I think it’s best to credit the artists. I am including names and links for all of the ones that I recognized, but if I miss anyone, please leave their name and website in the comments.

The model in the photo of the gentleman with the clockwork arm is author G. D. Falksen. The photo is by Tarilyn Quinn. The original image can be seen here.

The background image at 0:51 is Gears and Wrought Iron by

The illustration of the city was created by Alberto Gordillo, as seen here.

The watches flashed one at a time are by the wonderful Haruo Suekichi of Japan.

These are the ones I could identify right away, but there were more images in the video so if you recognize the ones I have missed, sound off in the comments.

On the one hand, this should assert to all the artists who have had their work used in this video that they are doing a great job. The art is wonderful enough to be used in a commercial to advertise a book put out by a major publisher. But the publisher should have contacted each artist for permission. At the very, very, very least they should have credited their sources. I know a number of the artists identified here have contacted the publisher to get credited for their work, so it should all work out one way or another. It also should be noted that typically the author never really has any say in the production of advertisements like this, and so this is in no way, shape or form Katie MacAlister’s fault. She did her job and wrote a steampunk book for everyone to enjoy, and I’m certain had she known she would have insisted that the artists all receive the recognition due their work. But the publishing company, which was responsible for the video’s creation, should have known better. Whoever was delegated to for making the video should be in hot water right now.

Penny Dreadful productions is an Atlanta based company specializing in props, sets, costumes, and more for film, television, conventions, and private commissions.

Matt Silva head of PDP

Matt Silva head of PDP

The company includes artists from all walks of life including metal working, leather working, sewing, special effects, make up and more to create unique and one of a kind pieces available professionally and for the public.

Penny Dreadful productions Has made this very cute and well done short film in under 15 hours from filming to it going live.


Sunday sounds so great.

Posted by on December 6th,2009

It has been written that there is the whole world to play with when you wish to do steampunk. This band “Sunday Driver” is a WONDERFUL example of that as well as just some of the best new music I have heard in a long time.

Give there new album “In the City of Dreadful Night” a go here :

In the City of Dreadful Night

In the City of Dreadful Night

They look as good as they sound

The band

The band

There music is just wonderful and a fantastic example of Steampunk music and style. -Evelyn

Steampunk takes over MTV

Posted by on October 22nd,2008

GD Click to see the MTVs take on Steampunk Infiltrates The Mainstream If there wasn’t already enough proof that the steampunk trend is gaining widespread attention, MTV has joined other media and entertainment institutions in attempting to cover it. MTV’s article can be found online, along with short films of interviews, a music video by Dr. Steel, and a performance by Abney Park. People interviewed include Tom Wileford of Brute Force Leather, authors G. D. Falksen and Cathrynne M. Valente, Joshua Pfeiffer of Vernian Process, the members of Abney Park,My self Evelyn a Brass Goggles contributor , various attendees of Salon Convention,DOV and even Voltaire representing the goth community. The coverage is generally very good, and the MTV researchers clearly listened to what their interviewees were telling them. A fair amount of effort is paid to connecting steampunk with modern film and culture, but that is only to be expected given that MTV is trying to make the subject accessible to its viewers. The film segment’s host, John Norris, makes a fantastic attempt at “dressing the part,” and even gets into the spirit of the trend. The coverage includes movies, music, and fashion. The famous and talented Kit Stølen is referenced for his iconic role in steampunk fashion.’s steampunk-themed sellers are referenced, as are Retroscope Fashions and RockLove Jewelry.

The vid clips that will air on MTV

The Photos

The on air times. MTV2 Tues 9/30- 6:30am, 7:23am, 8:15am MTVu Mon 9/29- 5:45pm, 7:45pm, 9:45pm, 11:45pm Tues 9/30- 1:45am, 3:45am, 5:45am, 7:45am, 9:45am, 11:45am, 1:45pm, 3:45pm, 5:45pm MTV has been taken over with Obama coverage. Steampunk is TBD but will air soon. Check out for the full piece. The whole Article

The Steampunk Art of Jennifer Rodgers

Posted by on August 15th,2008

Jennifer Rodgers: The Bronze Medusa

Jennifer Rodgers is a very talented artist of a variety of genres, who has recently gained the attention of the steampunk community for her Victorian and steampunk themed work. In this she combines historical imagery with science-fiction, the fantastic, the supernatural, and the bizarre. In addition, she is known for a series of steampunk and pulp adventure themed pinups that combine vintage poses with a retro-futurist appearance. Her web site galleries are full of wonderful examples of her work, and they show just how spot on most of it is for a great many of your tastes.


Seattle Steampunk Art Show

Anachrotechnofetishism Art Show Link If you’re in Seattle, Washington, USA from September 12th thru October 3rd, you should go check this steampunk art show out.

The usual suspects are all there showing their talent, including the new addition of lovely Missmonster to the rabble. So those of you in the northwest of the USA have something to go to, and any visitors have something new to look for too.