To Whom It May Concern…

Posted by on July 6th,2006

I am just someone quite in love with the steam, gadgets, and mechanical-magic of the fantastical Victorian era that never was. If it has guages, valves, rattles with escaping steam and is likely to whistle or explode – then it’ll have a place in my heart.

While Steampunk is my interest, it is less about the hard edged social commentaries of the time, than the romantic-adventures of Verne et al.

But most of all, it’s about the goggles.

Always the goggles.

Tinkergirl at Mad Scientist (no spaces,) dot co(mpany) dot U(nited)K(ingdom)

P.S. – I know it’s petty to get unsettled about such things, but I would appreciate it that if you repost anything that I put in Brass Goggles, that you post a link back here. I know I shouldn’t mind that people occasionally don’t – that I should be happy that Steampunk news is getting out at all – but I do like to see people finding their way here from other places.

I always try to list my sources as I consider it impolite not to. Please do me the courtesy of listing yours too.