Steampunk Cephalopod?

Posted by on December 23rd,2013

Two things I love in one photo:



[via Brian Kesinger’s Tea Girls]

I’d watch that too

Posted by on October 17th,2013

A Steampunk Badminton tournament sounds like a fantastic idea.

A Steampunk Coffee House

Posted by on October 11th,2013

Our Forum User “Bolt Face” brings this lovely coverage of a Steampunk Coffee House from The Chive:

Image from The Chive

Many more images in the original article, and a discussion here on our forums.

A well-preserved clock

Posted by on October 11th,2013

This clock may not be exactly “steampunk”, but it certainly tickles the dials-and-knobs delight! Made by Roger Wood of Klockwerks (a purveyor of some lovely retro-futurist timepieces), the detailed whimsy makes me grin perhaps a little too widely.

Time in a bell-jar

[Via Boing Boing]

Described as inspired by Steampunk and Warhammer-like games, Diesel Tactics looks like an interesting project that’s still in development.Diesel Tactics game logo

On the wings of a Steampunk Icarus

Posted by on February 28th,2013

Hand made from savaged Arbutus, Western Red Cedar, and Black Walnut, these articulated Steamy Icarus wings are a beautiful handmade addition to any dirigible captain’s safety gear:

And they’re not just static decoration, either:

Created by Thin Gypsy Thief and available for purchase on Etsy.

[via Boing Boing]

Steampunk Workshop is looking for writers

Posted by on January 18th,2013

The venerable Jake von Slatt, curator of The Steampunk Workshop, is advertising for writers to produce longer-form content for their site.

I asked Stella to cover Teslacon since I couldn’t go and she has a wonderful write up after the break.


See her pictures Here:

Click here for pictures



Lost Souls of the Asylum Now Available

Posted by on October 3rd,2012

Lost Souls of the Asylum is a Steampunk compilation forged in the bowels of our very own forum.  As seen Here , after submissions, editing, and publishing you may now aquire this fine collection.  The Asylum is in reference to the Asylum Steampunk Convention that takes place in the UK And you can find out more information about it on it’s main website.

As you can tell by the forum chain, this operation was choreographed by our own Arkwright.  I wanted to spotlight this work as a tremendous undertaking and a wonderful opportunity for  budding authors.

Arkwright tells the forum in post 137, there are plans for another volume.

The book is available online along with the previous two volumes of The Asylum Chronicles from

Cast Chocolate using Brown Sugar

Posted by on September 14th,2012

Well we had sex, so naturally the second great human obsession, Chocolate, had to be represented.  This has many Steampunk applications for the Steampunk Baker.  I’ve watched friends spend hours making gears out of Fondant.  Now you could just get a real gear (don’t forget to wash it and sanitize it), and make solid chocolate gears! Click here to start casting.