Frederick Roland Emett – Artist

Posted by on October 2nd,2006

Emett Thing

From one Steampunk artist to another – Frederick Roland Emett, often just refered to as Roland Emett, was born in London and lived in Birmingham. He was originally a painter of landscapes but then branched out into cartoons for Punch. Of more interest to us, was the fact that he turned to drawings of fanciful machines – ‘things’ as he called them. These ‘things’ were constructable and indeed he made several of them (see above for the ‘SS Pussywillow II’).

We probably know him best for making some of the machines from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang the film.

More pictures of his sketches, and ‘things’ here, here (check 1967 for Chitty photos) and here. Thanks Mr Addison for pointing him out!