Steam Doxies from Suzanne Rachel Forbes

Suzanne Rachel Forbes has worked as the courtroom artist for CBS Television, CNN and several newspapers, as the regular artist on DC ComicsStar Trek, The Original Series, as a book illustrator and as a portraitist. Her paintings, comic art and courtroom illustrations are in collections across the United States. Her current work focuses on traditional portraiture with a gothic flavor, as well as allegories and narrative portraits.

\ steamdoxie by  Suzanne Forbes

In the past year she has begun to produce vintage-style pinups using vintage-style pinups using pulp adventure and steampunk imagery. Her art is incredible, and her retro-futurist work is a perfect example of the genre. Her “Defending the Electronic Frontier “, a Steampunk Warrior Girl Painting to raise funds for the Electronic Frontier Foundation is a wonderful and insanely detailed painting that shows her talent and gift for art.