Jesse van Dijk’s Vertical Seaside City

Posted by on June 16th,2008


Mr Jesse van Dijk is a conceptual artist and illustrator from The Netherlands, whose Project Indigo may be of particular interest to the steampunk enthusiasts (though his portfolio in general is of extraordinary quality).

Project Indigo envisions a vertical seaside metropolis in a world where dry land is extremely precious. The city is constructed around a huge pillar in a cavity in the seas, in seventeenth-century European style. Because flat ground is so rare, only the wealthy can afford to live atop the pillar, where the climate is comfortable and sun-hours are plentiful. Further below dwell the poorer, their lives illuminated by artificial light from mostly oil lamps, as depicted in the painting above, which shows the city at 300 metres down.

Please visit Mr Van Dijk’s Website to explore the fascinating world of Indigo, and of course to appreciate the other paintings of this talented artist!