Chrono Displacement Device

Posted by on May 20th,2008

Chrono Displacement Device by Alex CF

Though Mr Alex C.F. dislikes his work being labeled “steampunk,” his creations are definitely of interest to the steampunk enthusiast, especially when they were supposedly devised during the nineteenth century.

His latest invention is this “Chrono Displacement Device”, i.e.: time machine, which apparently sat unused in the halls of the Temporal Council for nearly half a century until in 1880, the Royal Academy Science Fair demanded something rather auspicious for their grand opening. Probably having been amused with the Lost World tales of the late Professor Challenger recently, the fine gentlemen of the Royal Academy decided that some large prehistoric creature ought to be brought forth from the past and revealed to a horrified and excitable crowd. In spite of protests from the Temporal Council as well as various animals’ rights groups, a young male Allosaur was revealed to the public on the morning of July 5th. Terrified and high on miscalculated doses of sedatives, the dinosaur broke free of its shackles and prompty killed half a dozen spectators before being tranquilized and sent back to the late Jurassic. Her Majesty, Queen Victoria, who naturally attended the opening, was quoted remarking, “What a marvelous opening to the proceedings.”

That is, according to the imagination of Mr C.F., whose contraption, in spite of its modest size, is evidently able to teleport large objects through time! Read more about his wonderful invention over at his Blog.