Sillof's Steampunk Star Wars Models

Mr Sillof, who has been featured here before due to his magnificient Gaslight Justice League custom action figures, has outdone himself with his Steampunk Star Wars custom figures (only some of which can be seen above – the ‘baddies’ are just as well realised). Made some time ago, but held back for a convention grand reveal, he’s looked at the essences of these characters that so many adore, and applied them to an alternate Steampunk world.

I think that the most telling aspect of these is that I can quite easily imagine a scene where a bowlerhatted young boy re-enacts and re-invensts the thrilling adventures he’s seen played out at the magic lantern shows. Vast imperial ships patrolling the aether and a small band of rough and ready rebels with quirky steam automatons and mysteriously powered swords. These are art in our world, but they’d be well loved toys in another world – keys to fantasy; both heroes and friends. Very well done, Mr Sillof!

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