Steampunk Magazine Issue 4

While many (if not most of you) are aware that Issue 4 of the Steampunk Magazine has been out for a while now, I do want to mention it here on the site!  The Steampunk Magazine continues to publish thought provoking (and action instilling) articles on things of interest to a wide variety of Steampunk fans – from well written short stories and serials, to interviews with interesting people, to instructions on hat making and mad science!

The magazine is still available for free download, donation, or purchase, with how to get in contact with their contributors for other work should you wish to commission something.  I also want to let you know that the Steampunk Magazine has their own forum called the Gaslamp Bazaar – catering to those of a more anarchistic bent (those with more punk in their Steampunk).  A nice contrast to the Steampunk Forum here at Brass Goggles, and with some very interesting discussions there on many important subjects.

Lastly, it seems that the Steampunk Magazine has decided to go bi-yearly, with a small summer edition with fiction and reviews, while the more substantial winter edition will be replete with the same, and supplemented with how-tos and articles.  I am sorry to see it become less frequent, but I can barely imagine how difficult it must be to run a magazine!