Posted by on April 3rd,2008
Acanthus Design's Armillary Ring Prototype

Urk!  I thought I was done for the evening, but I could not resist posting about this cunning creation by Acanthusleaf Design studio over at the Clockworkers Guild LJ group!  It’s a ring, as you can see, based on the one from the book by Diana Scarisbrick, Historic Rings.  It’s based on a 17th Century design with some modifications – but as you can see, it’s a ring with rivets that opens out like the armillary spheres that it is inspired by!  How utterly magnificient!

They are clamouring for the opportunity to buy one over at the Clockworkers Guild and I really cannot blame them in the slightest – were I a jewellery wearer, I’d be tempted in a second.  As it is, I wonder if you could engrave the seperate rings to hide messages, keep codes, or use as impromptu sun dials or sextants!  Wonderful work, Acanthusleaf!