Dardenbahst Steampunk Mech, by Mr Spencer

I’m often of the opinion, that no matter the limits of the creative media that people have available to them, the sheer range of things that can be created despite (or because) of those limitations will perpetually surprise you!  Like the above beautiful custom Steampunk mech, named the Dardenbahst by Mr Spencer, with hand painted gold/brass accents and custom decal minifigs (with chest-mounted rebreathers and corset-wearing ladies)!

But, despite its threatening appearance, the Dardenbahst is designed for support – you can read more about it on the beautifully designed schematic here.  And were that not enough, the Deutsches Reich also created the Kreigerhund – a fully autonomous automaton to defend the empire’s border.  Thanks to Mr White and Mr Zoelen, and via the Brothers Brick (who have a wonderful Steampunk category – so many wonderful creations).