A Steampunk Dalek Model, By Mr Holden

Posted by on March 17th,2008

Mr Holden's Steampunk Dalek Model

We’ve seen the beautiful Steampunk dalek character design by Mr Promus-Kaa, and now the terrible anachonistic force from an alternative Skaro have independantly developed a third dimension!  Mr Holden’s model of a Steampunk Dalek, created for the upcoming Great Crystal Cyberdrome Exhibition (a retro-futuristic themed robot-exhibition at the Eastercon sci-fi convention in London) is a brilliant and terrifying creation!

Apparently created from the unholy union of a Dalek bubblebath bottle and a second hand brass Stephenson’s Rocket miniature, I am sure he will do very well exhibiting at the big event itself – and if things should go poorly, well, apparently the bubble bath is still inside, so he can perhaps generate a bubble-screen and make a getaway.  Good luck at the event, Mr Holden.