Bostodelphia Interview with Jake Von Slatt

Posted by on February 28th,2008
Jake Von Slatt, with Steampunk Guitar and Morse Key

The practical and extraordinary, Jake Von Slatt of the Steampunk Workshop has just managed to escape neo-Victorian Daleks in a steambath, and more life-threateningly, has survived an interview with Bostodelphia Blog! Questioned by Messers Impaler and Cod Peace, Mr Von Slatt explains what his version of Steampunk is, why he likes building things – and why he thinks people get a little too caught up on the history instead of the dream!

“Ah, it’s a common mistake to think we care about what the past was. We’re much more interested in what it should have been and what the future can be….”

A very in depth, and interesting interview, definitely worth a read to see Mr Von Slatt’s version of Steampunk, and how it compares to your own!  Thank you both Mr Von Slatt and CP!  (Mr Von Slatt is seen above with his beautiful brass RSS morse tapper, and Steampunk guitar.)