Making your own Steampunk/Pulp Rayguns

Posted by on January 30th,2008


Pieter wrote to point out this video by the Backyard FX team on how to make your own Steampunk Rayguns (inspired by the incomparable Weta Rayguns) with second hand and found parts – while each raygun will be unique (as they ought to be) it gives a nice overview on how simple and cheap it can be to put together something that will put the willies up the Martians – as long as you don’t actually try to use it!  They are a little light on actual instructions, because no two pieces will connect together the same way, but you get the idea, I hope.  There’s a silly three way fight at the end with rayguns and some rotoscoping – hopefully encouraging others to use their rayguns for theatrical effect and they ask which raygun you prefer out of the two that they make.  Personally, I’m definitely a Raygun 1 fan, but you may differ in your preferences!

Alternatively, or additionally, you may take interest in the Instructables for making your own raygun sent to me by Fredrick von Drak.  Again it is using found objects, so your raygun will differ from the his and hers that aintMichael demonstrates! 

If you do make your own raygun, do let me know – I’d be interested to see them, and indeed what Martians (or Venusians – everyone forgets about the Venusians) you’ve vanquished using them!  Thank you both, von Drak and Mr Pieter.