Steampunk Star Wars Lego Contest

Posted by on January 13th,2008

Star Wars Lego Steampunk TIE Fighter

You may have already heard that the ‘From Bricks to Bothans’ forum are hosting a contest to see who can create their own Star Wars inspired, Steampunk styled, Lego creation!  The contest is running for the entirity of January, but entries won’t be officially considered until the 20th, but already the boards are filling up with work in progress efforts of stunning cunning!  Above is the deliciously inventive Steampunk TIE fighter from forum user RebelRock, but it is simply one of many in the running for one of the 5 Lego prizes that will be given to the lucky winners (almost £100 worth of prizes, in fact – impressive for a community contest!)

Lego and Star Wars go together so terribly well (and the games only underlined that fact) and Steampunk and Lego has done very well indeed also – with a Flickr group quietly doing wonderful things with unexpected parts, and of course we’ve also seen the wonders that occur when creative people blend Steampunk and Starwars – so the combination of all three elements was bound to happen sooner or later.  Something about the well-used nature of the original Star Wars trilogy – where spaceships need a good wallop to start working again – meshes very well with the tempremental but loved technology of so much of Steampunk.  Thanks to Metis, Noah and co-host of the contest, Don, for sending letting me know about this!  Do check out the other work in progress entries – and perhaps enter yourself!

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