Justice League, Gaslight variants, by Sillof

Mr Sillof is a skilled modifier and scratch-builder of scale figures – specialising it seems in characters from film, comic and book.  The above image shows his recently completed Justice League (from the DC Comics range) as seen through the Gotham by Gaslight view.  Gotham by Gaslight was an alternative history comic where Batman is set in the 1880s, fighting Jack the Ripper.  As you can see (and see much better on Mr Sillof’s site) there’s a more military and rivetted Superman, a corseted Wonder Woman, a begoggled Green Lantern and Aquaman can be seen in a wonderful reversed Steampunk ‘diving’ suit, with the helmet containing water instead of air.  Wonderful fan work showing some real love for the characters and what they might have been like!

Very cunningly made, and makes me wish that there was more to the Gaslight series!

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